Body and software

A society under surveillance

The great wish for the closing event of this conference was a showcase of the Kaleidoscope project. Unfortunately the infrastructure of the university makes it very difficult to set this up. (...)

Advanced Performance training

For the first trimester of 2008, Constant is invited to participate to the programme and to contribute to the content of the APT postgraduate (part of the Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten which (...)

Algunos fragmentos entre ciencia y ficción

Bodies are locations of political, cultural, scientific and technological negociations. They are objects of science and knowledge, they are flexible and vulnerable, but they are also sites of (...)

Bend, sew, touch, feel, read

To explore the possibilities of bringing electronics closer to bodies and plants we are organizing a workshop with the artists Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi in which you will learn how to (...)

Call for participants: DiVersions

Deadline: 12 September DiVersions is inspired by the way versions are inscribed in daily software-practice, and explores how parallel to their conventional narrative of collaboration and (...)

Call for participants

GenderBlending is a six day worksession taking place from 17-22 November in Beursschouwburg, Brussels. GenderBlending calls body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers, and (...)

! Co LAPse KoDe at the Festival Le Souffle de l’Equinoxe

The collective of ! Co LAPse KoDe will present their latest creation at the Festival for contemporary creation Le Souffle de l’Equinoxe in Poitiers, France. The festival presents 50 creations (...)

!Co LAPse Kode @ CCA

Artist Kirsty Stansfield and storyteller An Mertens will round up their 3 weeks residency at CCA with a workshop for artists and performers, in which they share the results of their research. In (...)

Collision 1: Badness and Conflict

If we consider typographic and cartographic objects as “spatial arrangement of texts and other graphical elements”, than their design is essentially the work of organising collisions. In a (...)


Hybrid and nomadic events, publications, thoughts in between working, training, academic and cultural places, practices and words.

From the kitchen to the workshop and into the lab

What would be a space that welcomes use and abuse, one that thrives on appropriation? How to make time and place for research, with life in the middle? What kind of interfaces could support (...)

Future Tools in residence

The best part of May, Femke will be in residence at Medialab Prado (Madrid) to work on projects, presentations and texts in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit. She will report on her (...)

GenderArtNet@Expeditions to the void

The project Expeditions to the Void, Science, Territory and subjective narratives, investigates the potential of subjective narratives created by a series of women artists who analyse, narrate (...)

Gendered Turing Tests

As part of this year’s Pink Screens Festival, Canadian editor, designer and researcher ginger coons explores in this workshop how we parse gender and gender representation when others are divorced (...)

Gendered Turing tests

This workshop explores how we parse gender and gender representation when others are divorced from our bodies. The two hour workshop is structured around a kind of Turing test, in this case (...)

Hard working idlers @ Dominokingdom

Constant member An Mertens is invited by architect Miriam Rohde and performer Adva Zakai @ Dominokingdom to talk about collaborative narrative practices within Constant during a workshop on ’Real (...)


People hear rhythms, tones, accents, voice volume, incorrect pronunciations, a laugh, a cough, background sounds. But the machine does not make any difference. She just orders words and sound (...)

Le Petit Prince au pays des Hackers

Peter Westenberg is invited in the basement of La Quadrature du Net in Paris, where he is asked to SYMBOLICALLY scan his book of St Exupéry’s Petit Prince using their Open and DIY Bookscanner. It (...)

Modifying the universal

In 2014, after a public outcry against the perceived lack of diversity in emoji characters available on smartphones, the Unicode Consortium added five “Skin tone modifiers” to the set and (...)

OSVideo weblog

This weblog is a collective testsite for producing and distributing open source video. Here we keep traces of experiments with software for sharing and editing video, and report on what we found (...)

Object Score Notation online!

Object Score Notation is the software that co-performed in Kaleidoscope during VJ12, Nov 2010.

Open Call: Tools for a Read-Write world

Medialab-Prado and The Libre Graphics Research Unit are seeking for projects to be collaboratively developed during a two-weeks workshop to be held in Madrid, 15-27 April, 2013. We are interested (...)

Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing is a graphic design caravan that uses only Free Software tools. Closely affiliated with the Brussels based digital culture foundation Constant, OSP was created in 2006 as (...)

Pecha Kucha about !Co LAPse KoDe

An will present the work of !Co LAPse KoDe in 20 slides and 400 seconds. Please register beforehand if you would like to assist.

Plankton Bar #39 & Softwearables

The month of March and April 2011, Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe is doing a residency in Bains::Connective. For the first public moment of this residency, Plankton Bar #39 on the first of (...)

Possible Bodies: Collective Inventorying

Possible Bodies interrogates corpo-realities and their orientation through parametric interfaces and looks at anatomies that are computationally constrained by the requirements of mesh-modeling. (...)

Possible Bodies

Possible bodies is the workingtitle for a collaborative work on ways 3D-software conditions imaginations of gender. Looking at the practice of 3D-modelling, scanning and printing, we are (...)

Possible Bodies: Imagined Mishearings

This summer, the Possible Bodies inventory travels to Hangar (Barcelona) to mutate with local affinity networks and communities of concern. During a two-week residency, the collective research (...)

Programa público Marginalia, Anarchivo sida

The Marginalia project developed by Aimar Arriola articulates a proposal of critical reactivation of the Pepe Espaliú Library: Various collectives are (...)

Promiscuous Pipelines publishing experiment

In computation, a ’pipe’ is a method that enables various software modules to connect to each other, where the output of one program is treated as the input for the next program. At the Promiscuous (...)

Public Archive

A collection of games, video works, documents, objects and images that was compiled as a reference library for the GenderBlending worksession. Featuring the Diversity Kickertable, a modded kicker (...)

Research meeting: Piksels and Lines

The Piksel & Lines research seminar is the third international meeting in the context of LGRU. This edition is organised by Piksel and will have a particular focus on improvements, (...)

Round-up for scores, people, objects & others

The players of !Co LAPse KoDe have been kindly hosted in De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats for the transdisciplinary research on their work with the free motion tracking software objscrs during (...)

Round-up 4 all

Did it ever occur to you to wave at a surveillance camera? Or rather, at the person who is watching you at that moment in the control room? And how would it feel if that person would wave back (...)

Routes + Routines - performative walk

The last of the Routes + Routines walks in Hasselt will stumble across protocols of exchange, (il)legal procedures of accessing the web, personal trust and temporary alliances. Registration: (...)


The workshop series “Samedies/Women & free software” brings together a diverse group of women to learn about building, maintaining or simply understanding a server. Organised in collaboration (...)

Samedies #15: Festive closure

Festive closure of the second Samedi season with performances, presentations and talks.

Software as a Critique

A discussion introduced by software cases like Pattern for Python, Faircoin Wallet, MakeHuman, The Unicode Standards. With: Kym Ward, Aymeric Mansoux, Jara Rocha, Roel Roscam Abbing, Femke (...)

Space cowboys

Constant member Peter Westenberg participates in this two day workshop that aims to enable sharing and mapping of experiences, thoughts and visions around creative expressions of hybrid space. (...)

The Kissing Protocol at the Domestic Science Workshop Recyclart

Kissing Protocol at the Domestic Science Workshop Recyclart Domestic Science Workshop is a temporary open craft studio at Recyclart where ’Recipes For Disaster’ are developed, tested and sold to (...)

Transcommunautaire Karaoke Transcommunautaire

Installation at Passaporta during BRXLBRAVO with texts of Paul Van Ostaijen and Suzanne Lilar. All visitors lend their voice to the computer. One can hear how the machine presents the two texts (...)

Un\Ruly Bodies: The MakeHuman Bugreport

At the yearly Sophia colloquiem, Unruly Bodies. Gender \ Normen \ Verzet, Adva Zakai, Xavier Gorgol and Femke Snelting will present The MakeHuman Bugreport. MakeHuman is a popular open source 3D (...)

VJ11.1 O b j e c t S c o r e N o t a t i o n

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)


Gender Blending gathers body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists around the table to challenge typical digital representations of the body, bending the (...)