November 2019

The collaboration guidelines assembled by and for Constant set bouncy delimitations that curve, bend and resituate yet they need to offer protection when needed. In the next months, the window will be turned into a public drafting sheet for these guidelines. Michael Murtaugh developed a (...)

This Warp* documents Networks with an attitude, a worksession (de)centralized around ‘The internet is dead’ & ‘Long live the internets’.
Last April, 40 participants explored highly proprietary network structures and their potential future, naval protocols, historical and innovative ways of (...)

’Iterations #5: Operating / Exploitation’ is a collaborative work with inputs by: Mia Melvaer, Maxime Stifinner, Zoumana Meïté, Norbert Math, Iris Torruella Segura, Yoan Robin, Rosa Llop, Geraldine Juarez, Martin Rumori, Luis Rodil-Fernández.
Exhibition: 08/11 - 24/11/2019 Tuesday -> Sunday : 10:00 (...)

At the last day of this collective residence in Ateliers Mommen, participants would like to share and discuss the ideas, observations and prototypes that emerged over the week.
The Collective Conditions worksession experimented with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such as (...)

Constant will contribute to Right the Right, a three day event about the crisis in copyright. The contribution is a report on Authors of the Future. During this study day we tried to make a start with reimagining copyleft as a decolonial, feminist and collective practice.
Right the Right asks (...)

"You close your eyes and you arrive in a future about 200 years from now. The space where you arrive is an empty space, a void."
From Thursday 28th November, the poetic sound and video installation by Wedknwyet will catch your eyes in the Constant window.
In this installation, WDKY will (...)