!Co LAPse Kode @ CCA: Objects as containers for words

@ Centre for Contemporary Arts

350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD, United Kingdom


Artist Kirsty Stansfield and storyteller An Mertens will round up their 3 weeks residency at CCA with a workshop for artists and performers, in which they share the results of their research. In the framework of the CCA-program Creative Lab Kirsty and An will explore the concept of the “voice as object” and "object as voice". The motion tracking software objscrs will continue to mediate the development of concepts, methods and scores in which physical objects, performers and words are equal “players”. On the reading shelf are books on Actor Network Theory by Bruno Latour & John Law.


Adashboard (for fiction)

In a predigital area An Mertens would have been the type of author struggling with small cards in large drawers, trying to keep everything categorized alphabetically and with a 100 different colors. Lucky to have been born in the seventies, she can now use digital flexible systems, add and (...)
Adashboard (for fiction) is de werkgroep rond An Mertens. De groep voert onderzoek naar fictie in technologie en technologie in fictie. De werkgroep is een samenvloeiing van Stitch & Split en het onderzoek dat An Mertens voerde in het kader van haar Trajectsubsidie (VGC, 2007). De groep (...)
A une époque pré-numérique An Mertens aurait été le type d’auteur aux prises avec de petites cartes dans de grands tiroirs, essayant de tout garder classé par ordre alphabétique et utilisant 100 couleurs différentes. Heureusement, elle est née dans les années septante et donc elle peut maintenant (...)