Bitnik article BBC

Article about the Assange work conceived in Variable during Bitnik residency in november2012: "Two Swiss artists have used GPS tracking and live webcam to follow the progress of a parcel (...)

Open Call: F/LOSS Arts Residencies

For one month between April and June 2013 the Constant Variable residency studio will be open for artists who want to work on a F/LOSS-project. Constant Variable offers a free living & (...)

!Co LAPse KoDe @ Marginalia+Lab, Brasil

The project !Co LAPse KoDe was selected out of 97 submissions from 27 countries to participate in the international residency program of Marginalia+Lab, a space for creation and research in art (...)

!Co LAPse Kode @ CCA

Artist Kirsty Stansfield and storyteller An Mertens will round up their 3 weeks residency at CCA with a workshop for artists and performers, in which they share the results of their research. In (...)

!CoLAPSeKoDe @ Pianofabriek KWP

!CoLAPseKoDe continues its research in De Pianofabriek KWP. Simon Yuill, Lot Jansen and An Mertens will be working with the surveillance imagesof one of the cameras of the residency. On a daily (...)

Creative politics

In october Constant member Peter Westenberg will take part in the residency programme Creative Politics organised by Laboratório de Criação Digital The objective of this residency is to question (...)

Future Tools in residence

The best part of May, Femke will be in residence at Medialab Prado (Madrid) to work on projects, presentations and texts in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit. She will report on her (...)

I don’t know where this is going

A collective installation by: Pascale Barret (BE/FR) Miriam Raggam (AT) Claire Williams (BE/FR) François Zajega (BE) Julien Deswaef (USA/BE) Annie Abrahams (NL/FR) Opening | Vernissage: 23 / 06 (...)

Iterations 2015-2016

In june / july 2016 we organise the second edition of Iterations, with the name I don’t know where this is going. For info on this, please read this article. Iterations is a travelling exhibition (...)

!Mediengruppe Bitnik roundtable

NO ARCHIVE! #OP_HUMAN_CARGO - OPERATION HUMAN CARGO, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRADICAL REAL TIME, !Mediengruppe Bitnik will be coming to Variable for a work residency for the whole month of (...)


An Mertens and Sarah Garcin will take part in .ORG, a 5 days / 5 nights residency of a collective work time that has been proposed to 50 persons, with discussions, creations, writing, (...)

Open Call: Piksels and Lines Orchestra

In the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit, Piksel is offering a collaborative research residency for one artist and one developer, to jointly explore the interoperability and expansion (...)

Possible Bodies: Collective Inventorying

Possible Bodies interrogates corpo-realities and their orientation through parametric interfaces and looks at anatomies that are computationally constrained by the requirements of mesh-modeling. (...)

Possible Bodies: Imagined Mishearings

This summer, the Possible Bodies inventory travels to Hangar (Barcelona) to mutate with local affinity networks and communities of concern. During a two-week residency, the collective research (...)

Presentation: Screenless Office

Brendan Howell, artist in residence from Berlin, will share his findings from a series of "Screenless Offiice" experiments. His intent is to produce an artistic operating system that does not (...)