Thursday 17 July 11:00-11:30 @ Radio Alma Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Radio Bosnie #9Radio Bosnia is a radio broadcast made with words recorded in the neighborhood Bosnie in Sint-Gilles, Brussels. On the menu: hybrid words of the month and a conversation with special guest Anna Raimondo. Anna is an artist who is working in the neighborhood on her project "Play Babel". Every Thursday 11:00 on Radio Alma 101.9FM (Bxl) and on stream: Every fourth Thursday at 16:30 on Radio Panik 105.4 FM and on the stream: All broadcasts are accessible through
From 12 July 17:00 to 13 July 01:00 @ Variable Constant VariableFinissage Variable!After three intense and beautiful years the F/LOSS Art Studio Variable will move out of the residence of VGC in Schaerbeek. To celebrate one last time we warmly invite you to join us for the Final Finissage! On the program are: * the finissage of the Free Libre Open Source Software Art Exhibition 'Variable @ De Kriekelaar', with guided tours * the finissage of the F/LOSS Art Lab, with guided tours around the research of the 60 people who will have shared thoughts and time during one week of Relearn Summerschool * a luxurious vegetarian barbecue * a cocktail & other drinks * music by DJs Cagoule & Carolus Please bring your favourite vegetables, meat if you need it (can be (...)
From 12 June to 12 July @ De Kriekelaar Constant VariableVariable @ De KriekelaarVariable, the Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab in Schaerbeek, presents an exhibition in the foyer of De Kriekelaar from 12th June till 12th July. This exhibition is the closure of an adventure that started in 2011. A selection of projects developed in the house will be available to the eyes and ears of the public for a month: from graphic design to photographic collage, from tactile installation to sound installation, from video to music, from e-literature to data banks on line. The common thread? Open softwares and participatory work that truly characterized Variable from beginning to end. The exhibition is open from Monday till Friday, from 9h till 17h. Nocturnes: on June 27 (...)
From 6 to 11 July @ Constant VariableRelearn: Variable Summerschool(inscription closed) Relearn is a summerschool with as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying Free Culture practices, and is entirely done with Free, Libre and Open Source software. Relearn takes place in Variable, a collectively run F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels. It starts from the idea that tools are increasingly mediated by software and the algorithmic and legal dynamics that constraint and shape its use. Reconnecting to the physical and digital material of those tools is a means of (re)asserting ownership and ensuring active participation in the future of our work practices. Relearn welcomes participants —artists, students, teachers, practitioners— from (...)
summer_mix Summer MixOn savait que The Onion Router (...) Vous venez d'intégrer Liberatix, une (...) This exhibit lists the 193 foreign (...) Que vous utilisez Facebook, Google, (...) Virtually no foreign government is (...) Le Washington Post a affirmé mardi (...) Attention, Big Brother tient aussi (...) En embarquant plusieurs caméras à (...) Facebook could be in hot water with (...) Information Commissioner's Office (...) We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) Déjà les objets communiquent de plus (...) C'est une science qui a de l'avenir (...) Facebook a conduit pendant une (...) Le constructeur français Archos a (...) Une standardisation accrue et (...) Les installations devraient commencer Le progrès technologique fait peser (...) Une empreinte digitale en échange (...) Vidéosurveillance. Les deux écoles, (...) In an attempt to offer transparency (...) Pour la première fois, la NSA publie (...) There may be a link between your (...) En Norvège, le gouvernement a annoncé Les deux entreprises s'associent (...) Les marchés de la détection d'intrusion, Les ordinateurs, les algorithmes et (...) À la fin de l'été, six caméras de (...) François Hollande a nommé Jean-Marie (...) En Corée du Sud, plusieurs dizaines (...) Après avoir malmené la vie privée des (...) The German government is ending a (...) Le gouvernement allemand a décidé de (...) Les bases de données en ligne permettant Trainstation Mons A new pole is put in front of the new signage in the new station of Bergen / Mons. Travelling to Brussels might be difficult for people who are depending on the announcements of destinations. Picture by Michel Cleempoel➚ Rue de la Grande Triperie, Mons, BE Beautiful apartments for sale ! Picture by Michel Cleempoel➚ Amazon is a fascinating company, (...) Earlier this month, it was the one (...) L'excellent Electrospaces qui passe (...) Here’s already part 1 and part 2.➚ La première référence à l'Internet des (...) Un rapport de Kaspersky indique que (...) Figurative Non Figuration or Non figurative Figuration: Amir H. Fallah. amirHFallah C_O_O_L The website The interview fellah_photo‎11 September 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 07:31, 24 June 2014 (2 intermediate revisions by one user not shown)Line 8: Line 8: == 11 September 2014 == == 11 September 2014 == −Organisation: Constant+Organisation: '''Constant''' −Occassion: Booksprint V/J14 in Pianofabriek+ Place: to be (...)➚ Created page with "VARIABLE LOOP is a monthly meeting of F/LOSS arts practicioners VARIABLE LOOPS take place the second thursday of the month The organisation of a LOOP is alternating: OSP, Co..." New pageVARIABLE LOOP is a monthly meeting of F/LOSS arts practicioners VARIABLE LOOPS take place (...)➚ ← Older revision Revision as of 07:22, 24 June 2014 (3 intermediate revisions by one user not shown)Line 45: Line 45: == == == == Collection of traces from the collective work that takes place in the house. Collection of traces from the collective work that takes place in the house. + +== == (...)➚ garden Garden veg and homegrown flowers. WE May’s Coca-Cola & Ginger ultra sweet yummy BBQ sauce, Paul Wacker’s jug print and ceramic mugs by Anaïck Moriceau, Omar Souleyman sings in Molenbeek. coca_cola_sauceGoogle is a Washington powerhouse (...) Social science is being militarised (...) What do Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, (...) En s'offrant Dropcam et ses caméras (...) Consciente du rôle majeur que joue (...) Dropcam, the popular home monitoring Nest Labs a finalement procédé à (...) Des documents du gouvernement (...) Avec l'automatisation du métro, la (...) A completely new way to combat (...) La sécurité, « une des priorités de (...) Plusieurs sites sensibles de la (...) The RIAA has reached a new milestone in Cette semaine, au Brésil, dans la (...) Even if the other driver hasn't (...) General Motors (GM) a mis au point (...) Conformément à la LOI n° 2014-626 du (...) Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) a (...) Huge volumes of private emails, (...) An analysis of secret documents (...) The National Security Agency has (...) Ma TL twitter m'apprend que la NSA (...) Beautiful Me est une application (...) Beautiful Me is an app that scans (...) The Internet is full of strange and (...) AYFKMWTS, BFFLTDDUP, GIWIST, WAPCE... Le groupe de hacker Rex Mundi a (...) Au cours de l'examen du projet de (...) Souvenez-vous, il y a fort longtemps Britain's top counter-terrorism (...) Apartments are constructed everywhere, even in La Louvière :-). Judging from the moss and weeds growing on the site, their construction has started already some time ago. Hopefully the lengthy building period will not prevent these apartments to eventually become ‘luxurious’ as is anounced on the banner that is attached to the gate surrounding the […]➚ Rue de Prague, 1060 Saint-Gilles Look at me I am an urban reparation.➚ Rue d’Andenne, 1060 Saint-Gilles A door with a rather atypical colour scheme. Now that the world cup soccer is played in Brazil and flags of many colours fly in the streets of Brussels, i can’t help wondering of this could be a way to express sympathy to a certain country ? But black yellow and […]➚ You might say you're looking for a (...) Aux États-Unis, deux sites de rencontres