Saturday 10 May 10:30-18:00 @ Variable Constant VariableBlender Game EngineWorkshop - Blender Game Engine We'll look at what is possible or not in the blender game engine and show a quick overview of both ways of working with it : with python scripting or with the logic block editor. Expect some awful projects and really silly game prototypes... Due to limited places, registration is required: Please send an email to David Collignon:
From 5 to 25 April @ Constant Variable Constant VariableRelearn: Variable SummerschoolRelearn is a summerschool with as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying Free Culture practices, and is entirely done with Free, Libre and Open Source software. Relearn takes place in Variable, a collectively run F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels. It starts from the idea that tools are increasingly mediated by software and the algorithmic and legal dynamics that constraint and shape its use. Reconnecting to the physical and digital material of those tools is a means of (re)asserting ownership and ensuring active participation in the future of our work practices. Relearn welcomes participants —artists, students, teachers, practitioners— from all ages and (...)
64.000 travailleurs réclament un (...) After years of legal skirmishes, (...) Deux ans et demi après son entrée en (...) Two anonymous Twitter accounts used (...) Twitter a bloqué samedi depuis la (...) The Pirate Bay reached a dubious (...) Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (...) Le bras de fer entre les autorités (...) The sportswear company has decided (...) Nike va quitter le secteur des (...) Le réseau social lance une nouvelle (...) Facebook announced a creepy new (...) C'était prévisible. L'an dernier, (...) L1ttl3 Br0th3r 1′m 4 s3n10r 4t C3s4r Ch4v3z h1gh 1n S4n Fr4nc1sc0′s sunny M1ss10n d1str1ct, 4nd th4t m4k3s m3 0n3 0f th3 m0st surv31ll3d p30pl3 1n th3 w0rld. My n4m3 1s M4rcus Y4ll0w, but b4ck wh3n th1s st0ry st4rts, 1 w4s g01ng by w1n5t0n. Pr0n0unc3d “W1nst0n.” Inspired by the gaming culture of (...)➚ atelier Working on a new book! ➚ Les responsables des lycées et (...) Rue de Mirroir, 1000, bxl➚ Weibo Corp executives on Thursday (...) « Facebook » et « localisation » dans (...) ARLON - Près de 18 mois après avoir (...) Alors que le géant américain du (...) CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES (08). Elles (...) DINANT - Le marché public est lancé, (...) Can Facebook succeed where every (...) Twitter Inc took a significant step (...) L'an dernier, Twitter s'était fait (...) Être reconnu à l'entrée d'un commerce (...) Musa Cerantonio, the third most (...) Facebook check-ins are a powerful (...) Le fondateur de VKontakte, le clone (...) Le fondateur et président de Facebook, Le FBI diposera, cet été, d'une base (...) a soundscape composition / a landscape video choreography To agitate, animate, play and flow in a live video choreography of cycling together 1#essay (real time...➚ 1# TREE (2 min.) // Score by Laïa – Choose a close tree and position infront – Start frame: your feet and tree > GROUNDING...➚ 3# ANIMALS & SPACES (2 min.) // Score by Àfrica To explore the relation of animals with the closest environment. How they relate to it....➚ 2# INTIMATE SPACE (2 min.) // Score by Noe To explore immediate environment. Put an accent on the personal experience and see what happens when...➚ La CNIL a adopté le 12 juillet 2013 (...) Good news! Considering how well last years OSP Relearn Summer School went, we’re reiterating and extending the school with all of the people and labs that make up Variable. We’re really exited to be able to make this happen again, especially considering all the extra people that will be joining (...)➚ Le géant des réseaux sociaux affine (...) Tout a commencé avec une géniale (...) Created page with "Residency željko blaće" New pageResidency željko blaće➚ Created page with "Residency željko blaće" New pageResidency željko blaće➚ Created page with "Residency željko blaće" New pageResidency željko blaće➚ Created page with "Residency željko blaće" New pageResidency željko blaće➚ Qu'est-ce qu'une arme ? La réponse (...) A few days visiting Laurence Rassel and Nicolas Malevé in Barcelona means a good dose of walking, delicious food, special wines, real conversations and a great bookcase to dive into! laurence_rassel_bookcase_1 *** I particularly enjoyed the bookcase: a perfect reflection of a working mind and practical research . The top of the bookcase is tidy, organised alphabetically and by section: an archive of knowledge. The bottom part is chaotic, books and photocopied articles are piled up: the proof of work in process. laurence_rassel_bookcase_3 *** I dug up some food for my studio research: laurence_rassel_bookcase_2 2nd edition of Art & feminism, unfortunately without the texts, Art magazine with cool features, Lili Dujourie and Wack! laurence_rassel_bookcase_4 Kerry James Marshall, catalogue and books, Albert Oehlen, Miriam Schapiro, James Weilling. laurence_rassel_bookcase_5 Magdalena Abakanowicz, Senga Nengudi, text. laurence_rassel_bookcase_6 Latest hits: Ken Macleod’s dark future for women and upcoming MACBA show of Marshall’s work. ➚ The White House and US intelligence (...) La société espagnole Scylt, chargée (...) franz_erhard_walther_1 Exhibition at Wiels of German artist Franz Erhard Walther: with a large installation of his fabric pieces, watercolour studies of his works and their manipulation, reproductions of his body sculptures which the viewer can experiment, this exhibition is a really pleasurable experience. franz_erhard_waltherThe U.S. National Security Agency (...) Selon Bloomberg, l'agence de sécurité Le service britannique de musique (...) Au second semestre 2013, la France (...) 14th, 15th, 16th march 2014, Brussels. What’s a Ladyfest? A Ladyfest is a community based, DIY, not for profit festival. The 1st Ladyfest was conducted in Olympia (USA) in 2000 in order to react to the invisibility of women on the artistic and musical scene. Ladyfest opened a space of expression for women artists and activists during a few days with performances, concerts, discussions. The concept has spread to more than 50 cities around the world, each festival making a unique event. Ladyfests are based on the idea of creating alternative, friendly and open spaces. The idea is simple: a group of volunteers organises a festival during a couple of days around issues such as creativity, autonomy, exchange of knowledge, gender equality and struggle against heteronormality. Its also an opportunity to build a community, generate discussions and collaborations between women, the local and the international community network. I was invited to show some work along with the following artists: Alice Smith, Charlotte Verdin, Megan Beard, Barbara Kayl, Alice Steinmetz, Hélène Antoine. ladyfest_3 Exhibition opening – Alice Steinmetz – Alice Smith – Megan Bird. ladyfest_1 Process and research. ladyfest_2_RMISS Installation: framed samples, textile collage and home-made soap. ladyfest_printing Live T-shirt printing workshop with Barbara Kayl. ➚ Officialisée mercredi 9 avril, la (...) Social network says 70% of requests (...) Deux ans après la plainte déposée par (...) Depuis la découverte du bug Heartbleed, Condoleezza Rice, former United (...) Le système d'identification mis au (...) A programming mistake from two (...) Facebook is taking its standalone (...) Décidé à imposer l'utilisation de (...) New EFF Project Tackles Electronic (...) ← Older revision Revision as of 10:08, 10 April 2014 (2 intermediate revisions by one user not shown)Line 1: Line 1: −Blender BPY/BGE workshop.+Blender-Brussels BPY/BGE workshop. −Introduction to video game programming inside Blender Game Engine.+Introduction to interactive 3D in Blender + (...)➚ Badoo est le site de rencontres le (...) The U.S. Air Force's “BATMAN” research ← Older revision Revision as of 15:35, 9 April 2014 Line 1: Line 1: Blender BPY/BGE workshop. Blender BPY/BGE workshop. −Introduction to video game programming inside Blender Game Engine.+Initiation à la programmation d'applications interactives dans (...)➚ Created page with "Blender BPY/BGE workshop. Introduction to video game programming inside Blender Game Engine." New pageBlender BPY/BGE workshop. Introduction to video game programming inside Blender Game Engine.➚ C'est une bonne ou une mauvaise (...) The ruling today from the European (...) Home Office says it is studying (...) Alain Damasio, auteur de SF français, Pour la sociologue et économiste (...) ICC 2013 : une grande artère de Nice (...) Dans un arrêt rendu ce matin, la (...) La directive sur la conservation (...) A l'issue de son mandat de maire, (...) Bardée de capteurs de données censés (...) Jean-Paul Herteman, le PDG du (...) Un adolescent lillois a été interpellé, We investigate the ability of a (...) Selon une étude menée par des chercheurs In 2010, a year before his death, (...) "Enfermer plus encore nos (...) You wouldn’t want the Nazis running the country. “You wouldn’t understand. “You wouldn’t believe it. “You wouldn’t –” You would have ended up in jail in a week, two tops. “You won’t get caught,” I said. You won’t be able to fight the feeling that you’re dying. “You will tell him,” she managed. You will (...)➚ This is how far this project goes for now. Twelve hours have past since the first commit. And I prefer to freeze the concept instead of freezing the spirits by inducing my colleagues, friends and myself into a risky business of working with illegal material. Luckily there is someone like Cory (...)➚ Google is trying to register the (...) Google s'efforce d'obtenir du (...) La Garante per la protezione dei (...) 30 years after the setting of George Orwell’s 1984, the novel is frequently referenced in articles on privacy, data protection and the surveillance society. Search for ‘Big Brother’ in this database f.ex.: The novel was written in 1948, speculating on a totalitarian (...)➚ Même si le Parlement Européen a (...) The Obama administration acknowledged President Barack Obama's plan for (...) Google has paid a 1 million euro (...) La célèbre marque de vêtements de (...) Le numérique pénètre peu à peu tous (...) Le Parlement Européen a adopté à une (...) Treize bourgmestres flamands ont (...) European lawmakers approved new (...) In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a U.S. (...) stepped into the fight (...) Response to Snowden revelations (...) De la même manière que plusieurs (...) In January, LinkedIn filed a lawsuit Le réseau social professionnel a (...) Pour la première fois, un document (...) US intelligence chiefs have confirmed The Saudi Arabian Ministry of (...) Google débute en Europe la commercialisat Priced at £179 and available through (...) Entrepreneur waived salary and (...) Le premier ministre turc, Recep (...) Ce week-end, Google a signalé que (...) Ancien opérateur historique, Orange (...) chorus_setUP 28 mars – HEKLA – Bruxelles 18.00 – Concert et ouverture de l’espace de résidence avec: Lawrence le doux Roger 3000 Céline Gillain Carole Louis Dj new smile Atelier Pica Pica Plochingen Mc pourlechocolat Sublyme Diagonal Décor: Julien Meert, Jonathan Poliart & PICA PICA ➚ ‎Pictures Show changes➚ Le PDG et fondateur de Facebook (...) Late last night, a tweet was spread (...) C'est tout la beauté de l'internet : (...) gold_cars_mxSecurity industry pioneer RSA (...) Des chercheurs américains ont découvert C'est aussi ce que prévoit en France (...) The 137 page report details the (...)