From 10 January 2015 19:00 to 10 February 2015 20:00 @ Piano de Lil Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Work soundsWhat sound is produced by work ? The studio of a pianobuilder, the workplace of a metal worker, the tools used by the shoemaker, the salon of a hairdresser ... How does baking bread sound in the middle of the night ? In several shops and enterprises in Saint-Gilles, sound artist Vincent Matyn-Wallecan lets you discover sounds that are charcteristic for artisenal production. In the shops listening posts are installed, where you can hear small audio portraits. Each portrait is andicated by a calligraphy that is visible from the road. Follow the map on the flyer, and feel free to enter and discover ! Opening: 10th of januari 2015, from 19:00 In the framework of Parlez-vous (...)
Saturday 7 February 2015 15:00-22:30 @ Koninklijke Bibliotheek / Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique Public Domain DayPublic Domain day 2015Public Domain Day celebrates that works of art enter into the public domain because their copyrights have expired. Th Public Domain Day in Brussels is organised by the Royal Library of Belgium, Nova Cinema, CRIDS and Constant. **** The afternoon is dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the writer of Le Petit Prince. Location: Royal Library: KBR 15:00 Storytelling of the Petit Prince, parents allowed 15:45 Launch of the website, a collaboration with Romaine Lubrique, and conference by Severine Dussolier about the special copyright case of de Saint-Exupéry. In parallel there is a workshop for children. 16:15 Guided tour along books that entered the (...)
From 23 January 2015 21:00 to 24 January 2015 05:00 @ Les Halles de Schaerbeek CqrrelationsCqrrelating Compositions & PartyData can be analysed, correlated and cqrrelated, discussed, visualised, and sonorised. During a live-coding concert Alexandra Cárdenas, a Colombian composer living in Berlin, will cqrrelate some of the data the artists in deBuren experimented with. Afterwards Belgian mathematician and musician Valery Vermeulen offers us a first listening of Krystall Ball, a composition on the base of econometric data, algorithms and models that shape the global financial industries. His sound waves will be taken on by dj's and transformed in a steaming dance experience. This evening is organised collaboration with (...)
From 12 to 23 January 2015 @ CqrrelationsCall for participationDuring a residency of two weeks in deBuren we organise a discovery voyage into the practise of cqrrelating data. Cqrrelation is a typo-enhance notion. You can pronounce it as crummylation, crappylation, queerylation... Cqrrelation refers to the shadow zones of statistics and computing. During this work session a group of artists hackers, theorists, researchers and number geeks will look into ways of inserting their intuition, senses, bodies and voices as more parameters in the calculations and see where it will lead them. You're very welcome to join! We start from two different points. First, we follow the traces of the potato throughout digital architectures of local, national and (...)
Thursday 22 January 2015 19:30-22:00 @ Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren CqrrelationsDiscrimination & Big Data CPDP and Constant organise an evening program in deBuren around the shadow effects of Big Data. Researchers and experts Geoffrey Bowker and Antoinette Rouvroy will present us their latest ideas, and will comment on some of the local Brussels' experiments developed and framed by a group of artists during their residency in deBuren. Their respective views will be challenged by moderator Seda Gürses and the people present in the audience. Geoffrey Bowker is a respected voice in the reflection on Big Data and the importance of looking at the values represented in the design of knowledge systems. Antoinette Rouvroy coined the concept of 'Algorithmic government', to name decision making that is (...)
Thursday 15 January 2015 20:00-22:00 @ Recyclart CqrrelationsSharing ideasThe group of artists, geeks, hackers, programmers, researchers that will be part of the work session in deBuren, will present a first overview of their ideas. With a.o. collective performance of two algorithms prepared by Adva Zakai & An Mertens. In collaboration with Recyclart
Wednesday 7 January 2015 17:00-20:00 @ Constant Verbindingen / JonctionsHappy New Year's BookdrinkThis is a warm invitation to celebrate. Yes, we have an extra reason to start 2015 with bubbles! During the last edition of the meetingdays Verbindingen/Jonctions in December 2013 we invited a team of 'dedicated notetakers' to document the workshops and lectures using the collective platform Etherpad. Now we're very pleased to present you the collective publication 'Are You Being Served', realised by the team of dedicated notetakers (Marloes De Valk, Madeleine Aktipy, Anne Laforet, An Mertens), with the joyful support of Michaela Lakova, Reni Hofmüller and Femke Snelting. The design and the collective tool Ethertoff were provided by Open Source Publishing (Stephanie Vilayphiou and Eric (...)
Sept magasins d'applications virtuels, A little present from Big Brother (...) Le gouvernement irlandais est monté (...) Nearly one year before Sony was (...) Des comédiens pour espionner les (...) Les hotspots Wifi sont désormais (...) Marketing. Des panneaux publicitaires Dans quelques jours, l'armée va (...) La succession de troubles sur la (...) Le syndicat SUD dénonce l'installation Dort-il bien ? A-t-il faim ? A-t-il (...) En dépit du bon sens et des dénégations The Commission for the Promotion of (...) En 2014, la "police religieuse (...) BitTorrent recently announced (...) An invite-only Alpha to help build (...) Les enchères pour l'attribution du (...) TISA text on E-Commerce, Data Flows (...) Les Etats-Unis veulent profiter de (...) In just a few days, the Army will (...) ‎18 Decembre 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 18:19, 17 December 2014 Line 48: Line 48: Please fill in one of these if you'd like to present anything or bring any subject to the table: Please fill in one of these if you'd like to present anything or bring any subject to the table: * Setting (...)➚ À la cité scolaire Bertrand de Born (...) Apple, Amazon, Cisco ou encore HP (...) Alors qu'Internet et les réseaux (...) United States tech giants can't (...) En combinant des algorithmes géométriques L'autorité de contrôle néerlandaise en (...) Bistro est un appareil pour surveiller Google a reçu environ 50 000 demandes de Workers at Amazon warehouses in (...) SOPA was just the beginning What is (...) Plusieurs documents récemment volés (...) Hacking of computers at Belgian (...) Facebook ne proposera plus de résultats Pour l'avocat Gérard Haas, le déréférence Le 22 janvier Evgeny Morozov (Wikipédia, Le quartier Arnaud-Bernard reçoit sa (...) Martine Aubry a annoncé une nouvelle (...) Une première caméra sera implantée (...) Bernard Cazeneuve s'est rendu (...) Imaginez que toutes les données – ou (...) When the incoming emails stopped (...) Le déroulement du scandale ainsi que (...) Leaked documents reveal in detail (...) La semaine passée, L'Obs révélait, en (...) Les relations entre Google et la (...) Plusieurs centaines de numéros de (...) After delivering a major blow to (...) Cryptoy Android app focuses on (...) Les services de renseignement (...) Il existe déjà des scanners du réseau (...) There's been a lot of debate over (...) Des centaines de gigaoctets de (...) Une proposition de loi visant à (...) La Cour Suprême du Canada autorise (...) 420 caméras de vidéosurveillance sont (...) L'auteur et sociologue Sarah Wanenchak The BBC Worldwide Labs programme (...) Un "Captcha" est ce petit (...) Le GCHQ, les services de renseignement Près d'une centaine de députés UMP (...) ‎18 Decembre 2014 ← Older revision Revision as of 13:29, 11 December 2014 Line 54: Line 54: * Preview Cqrrelaties worksession by Constant * Preview Cqrrelaties worksession by Constant * Call for Presentations LGM Toronto (should be out by 15/12)?? * Call for Presentations LGM Toronto (should be (...)➚ User account Olm-e was created➚ Le député maire de Beaune, Alain (...) The untold story of Jelani Henry, (...) Après le scandale de Ferguson, (...) Filmer les interventions des policiers Le Chaos Computer Club, le célèbre (...) Selon de nouveaux documents d'Edward Workers at a German warehouse of (...) polke_hare_tate Polke at Tate Britain: KING! An amazingly creative life researching the image through paint, print, collage, textiles and film. Absolutely fantastic! polke_tateLe site Web du Chaos Computer Club, (...) En attendant d'imposer son propre (...) We are writing to let you and the (...) A Christmas email campaign is (...) Les « digital workers » de Mechanical (...) Efficace et simple à déployer, l'authentif Design fiction at the most magical (...) Marrakech : La ville de Marrakech (...) How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks De nouveaux documents transmis par (...) Taiwan a découvert que 12 fabricants (...) Le Tribunal de Grande Instance de (...) Google removed several popular (...) Google a procédé cette semaine au (...)