Urban(e)(istiques) Anomalie(ën)(s)

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Lamp fill
2019-06-29 15:35:09
In front of the Palais de Justice small cobble stones are inserted in the pavement. You will find a line of these, along the roadside. In 2016 these squares were circles. Not stone but glass. (...)
Rain pipe repair
2019-03-06 11:21:54
This crushed rain pipe has been temporarily repaired using a plastic bottle.
Smoke divide
2019-03-06 11:13:49
This post is for the archive of odd regulations. The dotted line on the ceiling of café Verschueren has been put in place to indicate the separation between the smokers and no smokers side of the (...)
Bakken dance
2019-03-06 10:53:54
New developments around the wooden boxes filled with gravel in the Haeckstraat. First the six boxes have shifted position, diminishing the space thy occupy. Next, see the picture above, one of (...)
To be integrated
2019-03-06 10:32:03
This mural is an imprint of the interior walls of a demolished house. Works are in progress for new buildings next door which will very likely soon be covering the (...)
Self initiated tree
2019-02-24 12:35:54
This tiny tree is a work of love. An officially planted version has crashed. Someone took the effort to plant this dis-proportionally small specimen. And to add four traffic poles, of a type that (...)
Tweedehans +D, Tropish +C
2019-02-24 12:18:17
The Dutch in these info panels in Kanal, the new museum in Brussels in the former Citroën garage on Sainctelette square, have been corrected by a visitor. The dutch texts are grammatically well (...)
Safety in style
2019-02-24 11:27:49
Chair repair
2019-02-20 08:44:03
Both sides of this seat back have been supported with a good bit of tape. The black duct tape and brown packing tape stylishly fuse with its surroundings. For live experience go eat at Thai (...)
Bakken are back
2019-02-17 12:53:05
Aw, after the previous sighting of the ruines of this parking blockade, I had little hope it would survive. But there it is: freshly piled up, with a new bit of tape around it and refilled they (...)
2019-02-17 12:15:17
A little help was lend to translate the french into Dutch. ‘sac’ was orriginally translated to ‘koffer’, which means suitcase (valise). Corrected to ‘zak’ (bag). Some translation tool has apparently (...)
Balcony balls
2019-02-17 12:06:42
Since ages this balcony has intrigued me. The metal grid rests on metal feet in the shape of a ball. There are four of them: on at each corner. At some moment in time a tennis ball has joined the (...)
Square in a circle
2019-02-17 11:53:41
Round window posts are a challenge to renovate. The PVC frame above occupies more space then the window pane itself. A statement of the difficulty to find a proper solution. Sometimes the (...)
Squashed bakken
2019-02-17 11:27:38
After several crashes, these wooden boxes filled with stones that served as a barrier against cars were dismantled. Some have been emptied, they are waiting to be trashed. (Picture october (...)
Depotoir pour chiens
2019-02-15 18:38:04
Citizens. My wall is not a dump for dogs. Please do not let your animals relieve themselves in front of my door. Thank you.
Cross support
2019-02-15 18:28:39