2018-07-19 14:17:48
A construction crane being built up, seen from the 25th floor of the World Trade Center in Brussels.
Koto, angisa, odo interview
2017-03-19 17:05:31
Interview met /with Christine van Russel-Henar Christine van Russel-Henar is the driving force behind the Koto museum in Paramaribo. I spoke with her about the way language, oral culture and (...)
Kwatta Pasie
2017-03-13 16:35:10
Buses in Paramaribo are privately operated, mostly by Hindustani owners. The buses are small, but still pack around 30 people. They are extensively decorated, mostly with movie heroes, crazy (...)
Repetitie Ademhalen
2017-03-07 13:42:02
Zondag 17 februari. Ik val binnen in een kerkdienst van de gemeente Maranatha, die gegeven wordt in de voorzaal van het Cultureel Centrum Suriname op de Kwattaweg in Paramaribo. Van ver hoorde ik (...)
IEKA St*rbucks HEMA
2017-03-03 22:17:34
IKEA is a swedish furniture company. IEKA is a shop voor building materials in Paramaribo. Starbucks is an american coffee company. St*rbucks is a shop for windows, doors and lighting in (...)
Poti dati dape – getting to grips with Sranan basics
2017-02-26 19:43:30
I am trying to pick up some Sranan tongo. Dutch might be the official language of Suriname, knowing a bit of the other languages that are spoken here in Paramaribo, helps in understanding how (...)
Cacophollage Molenbeek Walkwords
2017-02-26 15:23:23
For the soccos network gave a workshop to transform words that one reads and hears while walking in public space. With participants Julia Dyck, Laura Tack, Albano Ribeiro, Micaela Maia, Carlos (...)
ABS – In God we trust
2017-02-19 12:51:24
I am in Paramaribo to look at how different languages are used. I am particularly interested in the relation between Dutch, being the national language, and Sranan which is the language most (...)
Demon on off
2015-10-19 22:38:59
This light-piece is adding drama to the implicit and restrained art deco style of the Sainctelette bridge between Molenbeek and the center of Brussels. The general lighting of the whole bridge is (...)
Creative Politics
2012-10-25 19:11:47
Between 6 and 15 october, I participated in a residency organised by LCD lab in Guimarães Portugal focussing on the theme Creative Politics. The participating hackers, artists, theoreticians, (...)
Vintage profession
2012-08-14 22:00:32
Barcelona, april 2012 Link to videofile