Constant members



- Sévérine Dusollier (Brussels * fr/en/nl)
Intellectual property lawyer, researcher at SciencesPo, École de droit (Paris, FR)
- Françoise Deville (Brussels * fr/en)
Coordinator Renovas, initiates regional and local initiatives on urban revitalization.
- Liesbeth Huybrechts (Hasselt * nl/en)
Lead researcher Inter-action and lecturer Media, Arts and Design Faculty of LUCA School of Arts in Genk University
- Michel Cleempoel (Brussels * fr/en)
Professor, School of Digital Art ART2, Mons
- Dirk Seghers (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Artistic programmer, Recyclart
- Jacques Zenner (Gent * nl/fr)


- Laurence Claeys (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Senior researcher and lecturer, Department of Communication Science, iMinds/SMIT/VUB
- Pierre De Jaeger (Brussels * fr/en)
Script writer and coordinator at Radio Panik 105.4FM
- Denis Devos (Brussels * fr)
IT expert and member of Domaine Public
- Isabelle Doucet (Manchester, UK * nl/fr/en)
Lecturer, Department of Architecture And Urbanism, Manchester University
- Seda Guerses (Brussels * en/fr/tr)
Researcher Privacy & Identity at Princeton University / KU Leuven
- Harrisson (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer and teacher at Erg, École supérieure des arts et de recherche graphique
- Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (Brussels * es/fr/en)
Architect and researcher, Centre des Laboratoires Associés pour la Recherche en Architecture, ULB
- Pierre Huyghebaert (Brussels * fr/en)
Graphic designer, cartographer and teacher at La Cambre (ENSAV)
- Just for the record (Brussels * fr/en/no)
Collective working on Gender representation and the re·writing of history
- Catherine Lenoble (Brussels * fr/en)
Writer and editor
- Nicolas Malevé (Brussels * fr/en/es)
Visual artist, computer programmer and data activist
- Martino Morandi (Brussels * en/it)
Programmer & philosopher at the border between politics, technology and art
- Michael Murtaugh (Brussels * en/nl/fr)
Computer programmer and teacher, Master Media Design and Communication, Piet Zwart Instituut, Rotterdam
- Yves Poliart (Brussels * fr/en)
Coordinator Open Sound Lab, music expert
- Peggy Pierrot (Brussels * fr/en)
Is involved in projects linking information, media, activism, radio art, and technology
- Kris Rutten (Gent * nl/en/fr)
Lecturer and Doctor-assistent, Department of Educational Studies, University of Gent
- Laurence Rassel (Brussels * fr/en/es)
Director of Erg, École supérieure des arts et recherche graphique
- Ronald Soetaert (Gent * nl/en/fr)
Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of Gent


- An Mertens (Brussels * nl/fr/en/es)
An Mertens studied Romanic Languages, followed by a postgraduate in Latin American Language and Culture. Since 2006 she experiments with writing and storytelling, on the web, on paper, or in a performative context. In her work she looks for answers to the materialities of creating stories in a digital infrastructure, with a focus on collaborative practises and free tools. In 2013 her experimental novel Tot Later was published by De Bezige BIj Antwerpen. Since 2016 she explores the narrative perspective and potential of machine learning algorithms, ao in collaboration with the Constant workgroup Algolit and as part of the research project Algoritmic Uncertainty.

- Femke Snelting (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Femke Snelting is a digital artist and graphic designer. She develops projects at the intersection of feminism and free- and open source software. Together with Renée Turner and Riek Sijbring she forms De Geuzen (a foundation for multi-visual research). De Geuzen deploys a variety of strategies both on- and offline to explore their interests in female identity, critical resistance, representation, and narrative archiving. She co-initiated the design/research team Open Source Publishing (OSP). With Jara Rocha, Seda Guerses and Miriyam Aouragh she takes part in the Darmstadt Delegation, assigned to explore techno-political and socio-emotional relationships between activist practice and tools.

- Peter Westenberg (Brussels * nl/fr/en/de)
Peter Westenberg is visual artist and film- and videomaker. His projects evolve from an interest in social cartography, urban anomalies and the relationships between locative identity and cultural geography. He lives and works in Brussels since 2005 and has been part of Constant since. Screenings & exhibitions a.o. : International Film Festival (Rotterdam), Centrum for contemporary arts Witte de With, Nederlands Film Festival (Utrecht), VideoEx (Zurich), Portobello (London), Argos (Bruxelles), Impakt (Utrecht). Comissions include : Stroom (Den Haag), City of Delft, IFFR, Center for visual Arts (Rotterdam), Center for Visual Arts (Dordrecht), Vlaardingen city, Z33 (Hasselt). Teaching includes : Piet Zwart Instituut, Postgraduate Institute for Fine Arts (Rotterdam), ARTEZ fine arts (Arnhem). Freelance curation include : Bronks Youth Theatre (Brussels), Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods, Center for Contemporary Art Quaternary (Den Haag), TENT, CBK Rotterdam, Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam), HTV Iceberg (Amsterdam).

- Wendy Van Wynsberghe (Brussels * nl/fr/en)
Wendy Van Wynsberghe is a DIY and digital artist, sound & field recorder, fauna adept, fascinated by protocol in all shapes and sizes. Since 2004 she became a core member of Constant. She was involved in a partnership that organized open hardware workshops, called Ellentriek, together with De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats where artists worked together on their projects, mostly thematic. She works with electronics, textile, sound, open hardware, using only free software, all work under a free art license.


A propos

Constant est une association sans but lucratif d’artistes autogérés, basée à Bruxelles depuis 1997 et active dans les domaines de l’art, des médias et de la technologie.