Deja vu

A blog in which photographer Laurent Thurin Nal published his early photographic works ranging from lively portraits and moving cityscapes to work for theater companies and film productions. To see his contemporary work, please visit:


2008-10-16 17:58:03


2007-06-29 13:25:29


Bernanos-Del Amo, dialogues des carmelites

2007-06-29 13:25:29


Adam Fuss, From the Series “My Ghost”, 1999 Gelatin silver print photogram.

2007-06-29 13:25:29

behind takumi

kubilai khan investigations, gyrations of barbarious tribes

2007-06-29 13:25:29

night burning

2007-06-29 13:25:29


2007-06-29 13:25:29

hier, vernissage

2007-06-01 08:58:53

il n’est plus

2007-05-28 08:55:57

dernier jour de st raphael

2006-07-07 16:51:27

karhozat, again…

ce soir, pour la derniere fois, encore une fois.