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Constant is a non-profit, artist-run organisation based in Brussels since 1997 and active in the fields of art, media and technology.

The artistic practice of Constant is interdisciplinary and inspired by many themes that criss-crossed each other: collaborative work, technological innovation, pipelined networks, software infrastructures, data-exchange, algorithms, experimental archives, new forms of (re)presentations, copyright alternatives, (cyber)feminism and the ethics of the World Wide Web.

Constant organizes different activities (work-sessions, residencies, workshops, exhibitions, presentations) on a regular basis for artists, creators and researchers who are interested in experimentations, discussions and exchanges.

The thread running through Constant’s program is the use and support of open source software.

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As an incubator, artistic workplace, think-thank, content generator and media lab, Constant’s goal is to "(..) encourage audiovisual media (film, video, media, electronic arts, software) and (...)

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