Meeting Days

Are You Being Served?

The fourtheenth edition of Verbindingen/Jonctions is dedicated to a feminist review of mesh- cloud- autonomous- and D.I.Y. servers. Welcome to four intense meetingdays mixing lectures, (...)


During a residency of two weeks in deBuren we organise a discovery voyage into the practise of cqrrelating data. Cqrrelation is a typo-enhance notion. You can pronounce it as crummylation, (...)

Creative politics

In october Constant member Peter Westenberg will take part in the residency programme Creative Politics organised by Laboratório de Criação Digital The objective of this residency is to question (...)

LGM2013: Future Tools

The yearly Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) gathers users and developers of Free, Libre and Open Source software for creative work. LGM is a self-organised event, put together by designers, artists, (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

LGM2014: 2-5 April in Leipzig, Germany

Libre Graphics Research Unit in Porto

From 22 to 23 May the Libre Graphics Research Unit gathers in Porto and this meeting concludes the two year project. Hosted by associate partner Manufactura Independente in Maus Habito we will (...)

RELEARN: Libre Graphics Summer School

The design caravan Open Source Publishing invites you for a design education experiment this summer — from 26 until 30 August 2013 By and large, graphic design students bring a laptop to school, (...)

Relearn 2015

A third edition of the collectively organised summer school Relearn is in the making. You are welcome to join from 20-25 August in Zinneke (Brussels). Sign up for the mailinglist to follow (...)

Relearn 2017 - call for participation

This summer Relearn is travelling to Rotterdam. After the organisers collected track proposals in the previous weeks, they are now looking for participants to make this week of relearning happen (...)

Relearn: Variable Summerschool

(inscription closed) Relearn is a summerschool with as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying Free Culture practices, and is entirely done with Free, Libre and Open (...)

Research meeting: Abstracting craft

The next Research Meeting Abstracting Craft will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 26-29 September 2012. The program is being developed by WORM in collaboration with (...)

Research meeting: Co-position

The second ’Research meeting’ organised by the Libre Graphics Research Unit takes place in Brussels. LGRU is a collaboration between Medialab Prado (Madrid), Worm (Rotterdam), Piksel (Bergen) and (...)

Research meeting: Piksels and Lines

The Piksel & Lines research seminar is the third international meeting in the context of LGRU. This edition is organised by Piksel and will have a particular focus on improvements, (...)

Verbindingen / Jonctions 13

Jonctions/Verbindingen 13: Prototypes for transmission 5 meetingdays around connection protocols, on-line networks and the Internet as public space. Prototypes for transmission looks at the (...)