Workshop: Le livre sur le livre

In 1934, Paul Otlet published the Treaty of documentation - The book on the book, in which he envisaged the organization of the intellectual work of documentation, and the future of books. More than 80 years later, The Treaty has entered into the public domain. Mondothèque invites developers, designers, artists, theorists, writers, archivists and copyleft activists to meet and rethink this important publication.

With: Alexia de Visscher, Femke Snelting, Loraine Furter, Antoine Motte dit Falisse, Michael Murtaugh, Gijs de Heij, An Mertens.

The program is a combination of conferences and workshops (in French).

@ ARTS 2 - École supérieure des Arts

Rue de Nimy 7, 7000 Mons