Brussels, Antwerp, Liège

Verbindingen / Jonctions 9: The language of sharing

V/J9 invited anthropologists, Klingon teachers, sound and voice performers, translators, perl programmers, female chat bots, linguists, peace activists, net artists, West-Vlaams wikipedians, linguists, oulipo poets, walking artists to talk to each other, and to talk with local audience.

For Verbindingen / Jonctions 9, we wanted to contribute to a critical reading of the underlying structures and applications of two fundamental elements of digital media: language and memory.
Instead of unchangeable entities, we consider them as instruments for sharing contents and free exchange of information. We were curious about language and code as means to express multiplicity and wanted to find out how dialects, pidgin and slang could act as cultural bridges.

We took the words ’Jonctions’ and ’Verbindingen’ literally, and make connections between places and languages in our own country. If we were crossing linguistic borders between fellow citizens speaking Bruxellois, Walloon, English, French, Dutch, West-Vlaams or Moroccan, we were also crossing borders between fiction and a surrealist practice of language; as surrealist as an exquisite corpse; language as a compilation of hybrid constructions and deconstructions.

A performances, lectures, programming, singing, reading event

Download a pdf copy of the VJ9 archive publication or order it on the VJ9 website

@ Brussels, Antwerp, Liège