V/J 11.2 Mapping me / mapping you: Queer cartographies

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. As of the 11th edition, the yearly Verbindingen/Jonctions festival mutates into a more punctual structure.

A round table meeting about cartography between Liesbeth Huybrechts
(Cultural studies PHD KuLeuven, researcher, curator), Nicolas Malevé
(Tresor software, Towards.be), An Mertens (and other members of Saturdays, Woman and Free Software) and Peter Westenberg (Routes + Routines) investigating GEOdata control, different layers and perspectives on the art of mapping, subjective cartographic perception and /Home as private territory.

@ Brussels, Recyclart