Mondotheque::a radiated booklaunch

In 1919 the Mundaneum occupied half of the majestic Cinquantenaire building in Brussels. The ambitious project was imagined by Paul Otlet and Henri Lafontaine as a mix between documentation center, conference venue and educational display. "The Mundaneum is an Idea, an Institution, a Method, a Body of workmaterials and collections, a Building, a Network." (Paul Otlet, Monde)

In 2013 a band of artists, archivists and activists set out to unravel the many implications of a statement that routinely compared the Mundaneum to "Google on paper". Under the moniker Mondotheque they organised discussions, reflections and workshops in various locations. A Semantic MediaWiki functioned as a platform for writing, editing and bookdesign. The publication of Mondotheque::a radiating book creates a moment, an incision into this collaborative process. It is an invitation into the entanglements of knowledge infrastructures, geo-politics and local histories.


Saturday 24 September

15:00-17:00 The Itinerant Archive: A walk following the invisible traces of The Mundaneum through Brussels.

Meet us at 15:00 sharp at Place Rogier in front of the main entrance to the Belfius building

17:00-20:00 The radiating booklaunch. Books and drinks at democratic prices al fresco.

Meet us in Leopoldspark behind Brulabo (former Institut d ’Anatomie Raoul Warocqué). Back-up location in case of heavy rain: Chez Bernard, Place Jourdan.

Sunday 25 September

13:00-16:00 Discussion and lunch with Mondotheque with André Castro, Dennis Pohl, Dick Reckard, Natacha Roussel, Femke Snelting, Alexia de Visscher, Shinyoung Yeo, ...

Location: Constant@WTC25, Koning Albert II-laan 28-30 (side-entrance). Important: to enter the building on Sunday you need to confirm your presence by e-mail before Friday 23-09 at

With the support of: Vlaamse GemeenschapsCommissie

@ Belfius Rogier Tower, Parc Léopold, WTC25