Ideographies of knowledge

"Once one read; today one refers to, checks through, skims." - Paul Otlet, 1903

Mondotheque contributes to Ideographies of knowledge, an event that brings together a number of digital librarians, media theorists, designers, researchers and artists to discuss novel ways of reading and writing research in the digital networked environment. It is to investigate the poetics, aesthetics and politics of information and knowledge in relation to digital libraries, search engines and the legacy of library/documentation science. It is to bring attention to the individual practises of resituating and repurposing knowledge today.

The symposium is organised in the framework of Dušan Barok’s residency at Cafe Europa - Mons2015:

With: Dušan Barok (Bergen), Matthew Fuller (London), Geraldine Juárez (Gothenburg), Stéphanie Manfroid (Mons), Marcell Mars (Lüneburg), Nikita Mazurov (Malmö¶), Tomislav Medak (Zagreb), Michael Murtaugh (Brussels), Robert M Ochshorn (San Francisco), Barbora Å edivá (Brno), Femke Snelting (Brussels), MatÄ›j Strnad (Prague)

@ Mundaneum

Rue de Nimy 76, 7000 Mons, Belgium