Happy New Year! Happy Public Domain Day!

Our best wishes for 2013 to everyone who reads this message, supports us, inspires us, works with us!

Our wishes are enriched by the impressive wealth of knowledge, information and beauty that today, like every year on this day, becomes freely available to humankind. Every year on New Year’s Day, due to the expiration of copyright protection terms on works produced by authors who died several decades earlier, thousands of works enter the public domain - that is, their content is no longer owned or controlled by anyone, but it rather becomes a common treasure, available for anyone to freely use for any purpose.

On this day we welcome the works of a.o. the Brussels author Neel Doff, the feminists Germaine Dulac, Violet Hunt and Tina Modotti, the sf-writers Ernest Bramah, Alexander Beliaev and Nictzin Dyalhis, the novelists Robert Musil, Roberto Arlt, Stefan Zweig and Bruno Schulz, the poets Olena Teliha and Jakob van Hoddis, the Russian futurist Daniil Kharms...

On this day we happily offer you our new year’s publication - available here on 1-1-13! - , a generative novel made with Python and nltk, based on texts of authors we welcomed last year.
Karen Guillorel, Clémentine Delahaut, Peter Westenberg & An Mertens will perform the text live on Radio Panik at 17h, FM 105.4.

The print publication will be presented on the Public Domain Day event in March in Bibliothèque Royale.

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