Algolit meets Grapa: kitchen table presentation

A meeting between residents: Olivier Heinry and An Mertens, members of the working group around algorithm and literature Algolit and Olatz Otalora and Daniela Brill, members of the collective Grapa, invite you to their dinner table presentation in Variable for multiple exchanges around spam poetry, python, generative novels, type setting experiments and possible writing practises.

Please bring some nice food & drinks to share!

More info:
GRAPA is an emerging transnational collective and website dedicated to the promotion of libre edition and publication. This workgroup gathers in Brussels to continue their Journey into the Promised Land of Publishing with Free Tools. They will experiment on and with software, hardware and writing practices in order to rethink the culture of print. With contributions from: Daniela Brill, Enrique César, Daniela Brill, Olatz Otalora and Diego Paonessa.

Algolit is an emerging transnational working group of Constant dedicated to the study, creation and exchange of libre electronic literature. This workgroup gathers twice a year to exchange experiences and experiment with new ideas, constraints and tools.

@ Constant Variable

Rue Gallait straat 80
1030 Brussels