A feminist server ...

As a contribution to The Ministry of Hacking, a project developed by esc medienlabor in Graz, Constant presents a follow-up of the Feminist Server Summit. Around and after the event in December (...)

A society under surveillance

The great wish for the closing event of this conference was a showcase of the Kaleidoscope project. Unfortunately the infrastructure of the university makes it very difficult to set this up. (...)

ACS SI: Schaarbeekse Taal

In the framework of the first ACS Summer Institute, hosted by the University of Ghent, Constant member Peter Westenberg will present the project Schaarbeekse Taal and discuss the working methods, (...)

About automatic writing and autocomplete: the poetics of technology

Writing and reading are no longer the exclusive right of the paper. For most authors, their practice is intimately intertwined with software and a networked infrastructure. What does it mean to (...)

Active Archives Arteleku

In collaboration with Arteleku, Constant organised a worksession dedicated to the exchange of video material and a introductory lecture with interventions by Jorge Blasco Gallardo and Michael (...)

Algoliterary Encounter

In the framework of Saison Numérique the Maison du Livre opens its space for Algolit during three days in a row. The group presents lectures, workshops and a small exhibition about the narrative (...)

Algoliterary Lectures

In the framework of Algoliterary Encounters, we will be hosting two lectures on Friday 10 November. Generative Models and the Digital Humanities: Towards Synthetic Literature, by Mike Kestemont (...)

Anna K: Just for the record

Together with visual artist Clara Thomine, the writer Catherine Lenoble is invited to talk about Anna Kavan and other heroines during the first workshop of the series Just for the record. Just (...)

Bellas necesidades

Constant member Laurence Rassel presents her ideas on fiction as a tool in ’Bellas Necesidades’.

Collaborative speculative fiction

Constant is operating within the walls of University Gent with a lecture and a workshop in 4 sessions.

Contemporary ways of art production & distribution

Laurence Rassel member of Constant gives a 4-days class on Contemporary ways of production and distribution.

DiVersions - an afternoon in the museum about collaboration, divergence and the digital archive

Constant started its worksession DiVersions with an afternoon in the Royal Museum for Art and History. Inspired by the way versions are embedded in the daily practice of software-development, we (...)

Disobedient action-research

As a contribution to a symposium on design research organised by the department of design at the Hamburg University, Femke introduces the Technogalactic Software Observatory (TSO), a temporary (...)

Fiction as a Compass

Stitch and Split situates itself here and now: the beginning of the 21st century, in Antwerp. We go out to discover the Antwerp opinions about the future. Also, what lessons can reality learn (...)

Future as a tool

What is our current attitude towards the future and what effect does this have on contemporary performance and media art? This is the topic dealt with in Diggin’ the Future. This study day focuses (...)

Happy Public Domain 2014!

Each year, as of January 1, thousands of works enter into the public domain, 70 years after the death of their authors. The period of protection by copyright expires, and the works become a (...)

Hard working idlers @ Dominokingdom

Constant member An Mertens is invited by architect Miriam Rohde and performer Adva Zakai @ Dominokingdom to talk about collaborative narrative practices within Constant during a workshop on ’Real (...)

Hayir saz maalbeek rolloto?

Constant member An will give a lecture on the project La Langue Schaerbeekoise/De Schaarbeekse Taal for the students of the Master in Social Work/Cultural Studies, at (...)

How to Relate: Appropriation, Mediation, Figuration

Possible Bodies (Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting) will contribute to the conference How to relate: "How to relate? To each other, to something? Questions about relations are relevant for a knowledge (...)

Hybrid -> city

Constant member Femke Snelting lectures during the conference Hybrid City, a design research project investigating different layers of the city, organised by the Media & Design Academy Genk. (...)

’I think that conversations are the best, biggest thing that free software has to offer its users’

During this lecture in the framework of Barcelona’s Free Culture Forum, Constant member Femke Snelting introduces a book-in-the-making, an extensive collection of conversations between developers (...)

Icarus film maker (or the history of a vertical movement of the sight)

Nicolas Malevé, Constant member, will take part in Icarus film maker (or the history of a vertical movement of the sight), an afternoon of reflections about the history of aerial view through art (...)

Imposition (a romance of many dimensions)

Femke will participate in the Unbound Book: Reading and Publishing in the Digital Age with a talk about open source tools such as podofoimpose, laidout and psnup to explore design strategies that (...)

Interactions: feminism and social software

In 2008 Amazone (the national contact centre for women and women’s organisations in Belgium), organised Spiderwomen?!: the women’s movement and the World Wide Web. During this study day, it became (...)

Interfacing the law @ Cinema Sauvage

The Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages (World Festival of Wild Cinema) is an open space and an open event traversed by contradictory currents. It aims to bring together films and practices that (...)

Just For The Record: Gender Redirect

Just For The Record is a project addressing how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and what influence this has on the way history is recorded. Just (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

During The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM), the annual meeting on free and open source software for graphics, a series of Constant friends will present their latest ideas during lightning talks, (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM)

The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is an annual international convention for the discussion of free and open source software used with graphics. Held since 2006 it is organised yearly by a (...)


Constant member An Mertens is invited to draw a subjective history of i-literature for an audience of librarians and teachers of creative writing in Nantes. The conference will be followed by a (...)

Literary creation with Python

An Mertens will give a lecture and host a workshop at l’Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et Design de St Etienne on the use of the Python programming language for literary creation. A line of code is like (...)

Machine Research: Antoinette Rouvroy + Seda Guerses

With Antoinette Rouvroy (Université Namur) and Seda Guerses (Leuven University): Histories of big data. Two lectures and a conversation in collaboration with VUB, Department of Communication (...)

Mapping the Connections

Constant member Laurence Rassel will lecture in this conference which is presented by The American University Washington College of Law’s Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law, Program on (...)

Modifying the universal

In 2014, after a public outcry against the perceived lack of diversity in emoji characters available on smartphones, the Unicode Consortium added five "Skin tone modifiers" to the set and (...)

Mondotheque: Manual for a Diffraction Machine

(Presentation in the context of the Public Library Festival) "Humanity is at a turning point in its history. The mass of available information is formidable. New instruments are necessary for (...)

New textualities

Catherine Lenoble and An Mertens present Algolit and their activities during this study day at La Cambre.

Open Archives, Active Archives?

An evening with Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir In dialogue with artists represented in the Argos collection, Constant interrogates the active potential of the online media archive. Mixing (...)

Performative language

An Mertens and Peter Westenberg contribute to a symposium in Montevideo, Amsterdam, initiated by Linda Hilfling, on the topic of performative language, as part of the ’Speaking out (...)

Poetics of the Algorithm

Constant members Catherine Lenoble and An Mertens will present Algolit at the conference on Poetics of the Algorithms. During this lecture, they will share the latest discussions around automatic (...)

Post-digital Archive Experience

Peter Westenberg and An Mertens are invited to Aalborg University, to give a workshop and a masterclass for a group of students of the Erasmus JMD program in Media Arts Cultures. This program is (...)

Print Party 2: Digitales

From document to publication: the trajectory of a text up to its printing, and this by the sole means of open source software. Participants to Digitales discover the programs and are invited to (...)

Quam 07

Talk by constant member Laurence Rassel in the framework of the seminar "Structures, networks, collectives - A segment connector" co-ordinated by the Fundacion Rodriguez. The seminar focusses on (...)

Quedense dentro, cierren las ventanas

Lecture by Laurence Rassel, member of Constant, in the framework of a symposium reflecting on the consumer society via zombie movies. This symposium figures as the point of departure of a project (...)

Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism @ SIGNAL#5

Archive activists Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé will present the installation The Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism at the conference SIGNAL#5 during a round table (...)

Science Fiction as a Laboratory

Sciencefiction can be a laboratory for experiments imagining time, space, societal and affectionate relations between human beings. Through SF we can read the present as the past tense of the (...)

Science as Fiction

Sciencefiction permits us to approach science as an experimental playground. Can we consider tinkering with gender, race and lifeforms as a symbol for our own longings? Do we dare to accept the (...)

ACS SI: Scripted Reading

In the framework of the first ACS Summer Institute, hosted by the University of Ghent, Constant member Femke Snelting invites participants in a hands-on workshop to discover various Open Source (...)

Shared Digital Futures

Shared Digital Futures is a conference that explores the impact of digital network technologies for cultural production. With Tools for a Read-Write World Femke will contribute to the panel New (...)

Shared Memory

Lecture in the context of Shared Memory, a series on the various aspects of knowledge production and usage (Femke).

Situated Publishing: writing with and for Machines

In the framework of Transmediale, Michael Murtaugh, Sarah Garcin and An Mertens presented how publishing activities – collective writing, editing and lay-out – lead to a pdf or a printed brochure (...)

Stitch And Split

Stitch and Split explores the joint, the interstices, between these two registers which might be considered opposed, science and fiction, and their reciprocal contamination. Science fiction as a (...)

Support de Fortune

How do supports of writing - a book or a single piece of paper, pencils, typewriters or internet pages - work on our thoughts? How do ’chance supports’ (a train ticket, the back of an envelope, the (...)

The Future of Digital Television

Stitch and Split invites you to take a look at the future of digital television, not from the utopian everything-is-possible-the-world-is-your-oyster sales strategy, nor from the purely artistic (...)

The Materiality of the Invisible

In the framework of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible, Femke has been invited together with Eyal Weizman to dig deeper into the topic of the relationship of objects – and their (...)

The library as an information broker and the maker movement

In the maker movement, information and sharing - primary library territory - are under scrutiny. During this session, (part of the CultuurConnect "Inspiratiedag: Focus op Makerspaces") you will (...)

Transmarcations talks

This evening is organised in the framework of the Constant worksession Transmarcations that takes place simultaneously in De Beursschouwburg. Speakers A. Alexander Antonopoulos and Nishat Awan (...)

Video Vortex

Member of Constant Peter Westenberg took part in the conference Video Vortex, responses to YouTube, organised by Argos and the Institute of Network Cultures. The raw text of his lecture ’Affinity (...)

Ways of doing, ways of seeing

Curating and managing exhibition Summer course. The exhibition as an experiment space A course directed by Nuria Enguita

Ways of doing, ways of seeing

In the framework of the Summer course "Ways of doing, ways of seeing" under the direction of Nuria Enguita Mayo, artistic director of the Tapies Fundation, Laurence Rassel speaks about Constant (...)

We don’t live in this kind of world

For the seminar Public Library. über Infrastrukturen der Wissensbildung (Public Library. About infrastructures of knowledge formation), Femke prepares a new episode of Fathers of the Internet, (...)

What exactly does it mean to be an artist?

Lecture in the framework of conference Academie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving Minerva Groningen

Who’s afraid of Artistic Research

One-day symposium about the epistemology and context of practice-based research Speakers: Laurence Rassel, artist/ curator (Brussels), Prof Nigel Johnson, artist/ researcher (Dundee University), (...)

Working with webstandards

Presentation Femke Snelting in the context of The Spiderwoman meeting days.

Workshop: Le livre sur le livre

In 1934, Paul Otlet published the Treaty of documentation - The book on the book, in which he envisaged the organization of the intellectual work of documentation, and the future of books. More (...)

Object Score Notation/Kaleidoscope@Make Art

Simon Yuill & Dorothé Depeauw will present the collaborative way of working of Object Score Notation in Kaleidoscope at Make Art, the international festival of free art and technologies in (...)


Constant member Peter Westenberg and collaegue Clémentine Delahaut are invited to give a lecture about the project of La Langue Schaerbeekoise/De Schaarbeekse Taal for the students Master in the (...)


Constant members Peter Westenberg and An Mertens are invited to give a lecture about the project of La Langue Schaerbeekoise/De Schaarbeekse Taal for the students Master in the Social Work of the (...)