Π­view - Stéphane Cousot + Stéfan Piat

Exhibition Π­view Opening 2 july – 18:00 A noisy street in Sint-Gilles. A shopping window in which a monitor and speakers show and play what happens further on in the street. A film without (...)

Active Archives Arteleku

In collaboration with Arteleku, Constant organised a worksession dedicated to the exchange of video material and a introductory lecture with interventions by Jorge Blasco Gallardo and Michael (...)

Artefact Symposium: Location Based Media

Constant member Peter Westenberg presents his project World Wide Westwijk; a semi-permanent mediative neighbourhood intervention and site specific collective video-workplace in Vlaardingen, (...)

Bitnik article BBC

Article about the Assange work conceived in Variable during Bitnik residency in november2012: "Two Swiss artists have used GPS tracking and live webcam to follow the progress of a parcel (...)

Blender BPY/BGE

Monthly meeting on using Blender as a render engine for Python. The packages BPY and BGE provide api’s for the modelling and game-engine functions of Blender that can be scripted using the (...)

Blender workshop

Blender worksession with focus on using Blender as render engine.

CCTV video Freedom Not Fear

Under the name Freedom Not Fear, "Defending fundamental rights in our networked world", three days of meetingsare organised that investigate the impact of EU gouvernemental surveillance (...)

Cinelerra package

Cinelerra is a non-linear video editor. Cinelerra is free software released under the GPL license.

Club Variable: Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch is an artist from the UK who has been staying at the Constant Variable residency since early October. Emma makes performances and videos, and volunteers for Cinenova, a film and (...)

Collaborative Online Video

A workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools.

Dakar Routines de Rencontres

A workshop by Peter Westenberg in making short videos using open source softwares for audio and video editing organised by Media villa Ker Thiossane in Dakar, Senegal. Participants will (...)

Daniel Miracle kitchentable presentation is a collective co-ordinated by artist Daniel Miracle who works in the field of experimental audiovisuals and television. From 1998 onwards has worked with streaming, (...)

De Taalpolitie

A group of Dutch youngsters investigate the word ‘allochthonous’ in video’s uploaded in this vlog. De Taalpolitie (The Language Police) is a project by Constant member Peter Westenberg developped (...)


In the framework of the ’Laundry Day’, Constant (Wendy van Wynsberghe) co-produced iPatchwork organised by the ADA network. iPatchwork provided an opportunity to learn basic skills of video-editing (...)

Kdenlive meeting

Kdenlive is a complete open-source non lineair timeline edit software for Linux and OSX. This is the first of two meetings in which we will collectively discover the ins and outs of the software (...)

Kdenlive worksession

Kdenlive is a complete open-source non lineair timeline edit software for Linux and OSX. We will collectively discover the ins and outs of the software and how to make use of its strong points. (...)

OS Video Meet and Screen

During these meetings audio visual makers who are interested in Open Source, show what they are working on, exchange experiences. At these meetings we also plan future workshops, screenings, (...)

OSVideo weblog

This weblog is a collective testsite for producing and distributing open source video. Here we keep traces of experiments with software for sharing and editing video, and report on what we found (...)

OSvideo meeting

Open source video meetings are for those artists and video makers who are enthusiastic about open source tools. We’ll discuss ideas for the soon to be opened ’osvideo lab’. Please bring your (...)

OSvideo meeting

A meeting for people interested in working with video and open source tools. Some tasks are easier done by typing commands in a terminal then by using a graphic interface software. Selecting (...)

Open Source Video?

An evening with presentations and screenings around the question what do we understand by ’Open Source Video’? No doubt that the cutting edge artistic content will be alternated by discussions (...)

Open source video

Open Source Video is a collective laboratory for the production and distribution of open source based video. Every 6 weeks there is a meeting where experiences of montage, coding and web based (...)

Osvideo meeting

Welcome at the first meeting of the new year. Open for everyone who is interested in working with Open Source Video tools. Topics of the day: How to produce boxed images / split screens / inserts (...)

Osvideo meeting

A meeting for artists, filmers, video makers, vj fanatics, artists who are interested in working with open source tools. During this meeting we’ll take some exemple projects of participants as (...)

Pure Data Patching Circle @ Variable #03

During this session, upon request of some participants, we’ll have a look at the different options available toward video treatment, for loop playing/mixing as well as video effects, with the (...)

Pure data patching circle Brussels @ Variable #06

*//*The Patching Circles are open workshop session to learn and share about the pure-data software and other. This session will make us a loop, permitting us to revisit sound processing (...)

Pure data patching circle @ Variable #08

*20 April 2013* *EN :* *//*The Patching Circles are open workshop session to learn and share about the pure-data software and other. /_Workshop: 13h - 19h_/ This time, apart from Easter eggs (...)

SuPi8 workshop

From 19 to 21 November 2018 we organise a 3-days workshop where we will build cameras from scratch, experiment with their design and shoot SuPi8 footage. The SuPi8 is a digital camera ... but (...)


The SuPi8 is a digital camera ... but built inside a Super8 camera. More precisely, it is a digital sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi, stuck inside a 8mm or Super8 camera. From November 19 to (...)

Video Vortex

Member of Constant Peter Westenberg took part in the conference Video Vortex, responses to YouTube, organised by Argos and the Institute of Network Cultures. The raw text of his lecture ’Affinity (...)

Video Vortex Reader

Member of Constant Peter Westenberg contributed to the ’first research book about YouTube’ published by the Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur in Amsterdam.

Video archive

Video’s that have been recorded in relation to Constant events. The type of material varies: some are meticulously edited interviews, others are archived streams, try-outs, video-portraits or (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Four days with: presentations, exercises, tests and help. Which computer parts are needed / essential? Test softwares, scripts and tricks. In the evenings, Pirate Cinema from Berlin shows films (...)

Workshop Open Video Libre

Constant organiseert vier dagen met presentaties, oefeningen, tests en hulp rond open source video. Het testen van software zoals Cinelerra of Kino, discussie-uitwisselingsplatformen, (...)

Writing with film

Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-littérature, free code and text. On Tuesday 23rd February 2016 (10-18h) Gijs De Heij will lead a hands-on workshop on building libraries of (...)