Counter cartographies


New media conceptualize space in terms of interhuman and concrete relationships. Their cartographic representation show how these different dimensions are linked to each other and tries to (...)

Blind Softspots & Deviating mapware

Nicolas Malevé and Peter Westenberg present in IBAI/Recyclart their exercice in exploiting the imperfections and in-between-spaces that grow in stitches, blind spots and the data-abundance of (...)


Busboîtescartesmaps is an event in the framework of the Towards project that combines subjective representations of the Brussels’ terrain which the development of a software for subjective (...)

Carte des caméras de surveillance

Carte en cours des caméras de surveillance de Bruxelles

Cartography as a common good

Cartography as a common good is a contribution by Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (La Cambre) and Nicolas Malevé, member of Constant, to the book Human Cities, Celebrating Public Space, edited by (...)

(...) Ciencia, territorio y narrativas subjetivas

The objective of the workshop is to propose a re-narration of the project “(...) Ciencia, territorio y narrativas subjetivas” and explore the scientific language from a feminist perspective. "(...) (...)

European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City (Peprav)

Peprav is a project that is partly financed by the CULTURE2000-program of the European Union. The platform formalizes a collective critical research on urban alternatives in the city: (...)

From Bosnia to the world and back

«From Bosnia to the world and back» is a cartographic project by Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, that situates the Bosnia “neighborhood” in Saint-Gilles in the middle of its worldwide network. The (...)

GenderArtNet @Cuerpo Impropio

Maria PtqK and Nicolas Malevé will present the GenderArtNet project - - in the seminar “Cuerpo Impropio, guia de modelos somapoliticos y de sus posibles usos desviados”. (...)

GenderArtNet@Expeditions to the void

The project Expeditions to the Void, Science, Territory and subjective narratives, investigates the potential of subjective narratives created by a series of women artists who analyse, narrate (...)

GenderArtNet’s presentation

GenderArtNet is an experimental mapping project that contextualises and connects artists, artistic practices, projects and organisations exploring the interrelation of gender, ethnicity, race, (...)

GenderArtNet weblaunch

Gender Art Net is an interactive Map, offering accessibility and readability of a broader range of artistic positions, which explore the complex interrelatedness of gender, ethnicity, race, (...)

Hayir saz maalbeek rolloto?

Constant member An will give a lecture on the project La Langue Schaerbeekoise/De Schaarbeekse Taal for the students of the Master in Social Work/Cultural Studies, at (...)


Benjamin Henrion who joined the July cartography workshop talked about the openstreetmap project (1). We organize a first workshop on open cartography of the center of Brussels. We wander (...)

Post-digital Archive Experience

Peter Westenberg and An Mertens are invited to Aalborg University, to give a workshop and a masterclass for a group of students of the Erasmus JMD program in Media Arts Cultures. This program is (...)

Research meeting: Co-position

The second ’Research meeting’ organised by the Libre Graphics Research Unit takes place in Brussels. LGRU is a collaboration between Medialab Prado (Madrid), Worm (Rotterdam), Piksel (Bergen) and (...)

Routes + Routines

Routes + Routines is a series of city walks; surprise visits to unexpected corners of Brussels. The project tests out various methods for diverting and changing routines, and as a result your (...)

Saint Gilles surveillance camera’s map Plein Open Air Carto

Result ofmapping workshop Saturday 7 August 2010 13:00-18:00 @ Plein Open Air see article

Software history mapping night

In a first attempt to draw a collaborative map of the many different tools that together define the practice of digital design, OSP attempts to recollect facts and anecdotes gathered over the (...)

Stitching Stories - reNUM

The association PiNG organises reNUM, an exhibition with collective electronic creations made by artists and a group of people of 60 years old and above, all inhabitants of the Breil area and/or (...)

Stitching Stories

a textile sound & digital cartography, based on interviews, between testimony and fiction

Surveillance diverse camera maps

In 2010 + 2011 Denis Devos and Peter Westenberg made with Constant and La Ligue des Droits de l’homme several works around camera-surveillance. We organised walks across the city + the law, to (...)

Tagging Matters: Kitchentable presentaties

Tagging Matters explores the writerly work of tagging in relation to ideas behind the Semantic Web. Active Archives started on the principle of "we are no islands", looking for ways of linking (...)


A newspaper on subjective carthographies of urban interventions in Brussels, in collaboration with Citymin(e)d, Recyclart and Speculoos.


Towards is a collection of subjective cartographic representations of Brussels connected to the creation of a collaborative tool for subjective cartography.

V/J 11.2 Mapping me / mapping you

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)

Visualizing Transnationalism / Cluj Napoca

In the framework of the Transeuropa festival, a transnational festival happening simultaneously in 12 cities throughout Europe, the GenderArtNet’s team and Lorenzo Sandoval will give a cartography (...)

Visualizing Transnationalism, presentations.

A grid divides the map in eight regions. Each region has a label: “Ornamental”, “Geolyrical”, “Taxonomical”, “Afraid of tomorrow”, “Fermentational”, “Miraculous”, “Exobotanical”, “The end of the world”. (...)