Call for Participation

Appel à participation

GenderBlending est une série de sessions de travail qui auront lieu du 17 au 22 novembre 2014 au Beursschouwburg à Bruxelles. GenderBlending réunit pendant six jours dans un même lieu des artistes, (...)

Call for participants: DiVersions

Deadline: 12 September DiVersions is inspired by the way versions are inscribed in daily software-practice, and explores how parallel to their conventional narrative of collaboration and (...)

Call for participants

GenderBlending is a six day worksession taking place from 17-22 November in Beursschouwburg, Brussels. GenderBlending calls body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers, and (...)

Deelnemers gezocht

GenderBlending is een zesdaagse werksessie die plaatsvindt van 17-22 november in de Beursschouwburg, Brussel. GenderBlending roept lichaams-hackers, 3D-theoretici, spel activisten, queer (...)

Open Call for The Techno-Galactic Software Observatory

From 7 until 12 June, the Techno-Galactic Software Observatory will explore practices of proximate critique with and of software. This worksession has been called an ’Observatory’ because we are (...)