A feminist server ...

As a contribution to The Ministry of Hacking, a project developed by esc medienlabor in Graz, Constant presents a follow-up of the Feminist Server Summit. Around and after the event in December (...)

Algunos fragmentos entre ciencia y ficción

Bodies are locations of political, cultural, scientific and technological negociations. They are objects of science and knowledge, they are flexible and vulnerable, but they are also sites of (...)

Can technology be feminist?

Femke participates in a roundtable: "Can technology be feminist?" which concludes the colloque "From Cyborgs to Facebook: Technological dreams and feminist critiques". The event is organised by (...)

Club Variable: Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch is an artist from the UK who has been staying at the Constant Variable residency since early October. Emma makes performances and videos, and volunteers for Cinenova, a film and (...)

GenderArtNet @Cuerpo Impropio

Maria PtqK and Nicolas Malevé will present the GenderArtNet project - http://www.genderartnet.eu - in the seminar “Cuerpo Impropio, guia de modelos somapoliticos y de sus posibles usos desviados”. (...)

GenderArtNet@Expeditions to the void

The project Expeditions to the Void, Science, Territory and subjective narratives, investigates the potential of subjective narratives created by a series of women artists who analyse, narrate (...)


GenderBlending was a work session lasting from 11 till 22 November 2014 in Beursschouwburg, inviting body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists to (...)

Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory in Brussels

Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory is a feminist hackerspace and an artist collective based in Vienna. They work with open source technology and philosophy, in a women only space, operating a non-­‐ (...)


The workshop series “Samedies/Women & free software” brings together a diverse group of women to learn about building, maintaining or simply understanding a server. Organised in collaboration (...)

Samedies #43: What comes to the table

STARTING AT 15:00 The last Samedies before summer is an occasion to get together and discuss past, current and future projects. On the table: Informal discussions, ad-hoc performances, (...)