Anna K: Just for the record

Together with visual artist Clara Thomine, the writer Catherine Lenoble is invited to talk about Anna Kavan and other heroines during the first workshop of the series Just for the record. Just (...)

Can technology be feminist?

Femke participates in a roundtable: "Can technology be feminist?" which concludes the colloque "From Cyborgs to Facebook: Technological dreams and feminist critiques". The event is organised by (...)

Feminism is on the agenda

Nicolas Malevé and Femke Snelting participate in this one day workshop that looks into how practices motivated by personal questions in relation to gender can be responsive to specific spatial and (...)

Gender Art Net

Gender Art Net will be developed throughout 2008 as an interactive Map, offering accessibility and readability of a broader range of artistic positions, which explore the complex interrelatedness (...)


GenderArtNet is an experimental mapping project exploring the interrelation of gender, ethnicity, race, class and sexualities in contemporary Europe. GenderArtNet’s primary aim is to thematically (...)

Gendered Turing tests

This workshop explores how we parse gender and gender representation when others are divorced from our bodies. The two hour workshop is structured around a kind of Turing test, in this case (...)

Belgian Homeless cup

Belgian Homeless Cup is a sports tournement for homeless people and asylum seekers. During this year’s edition, an all female football team will design new figurines on a kicker table. Homeless, (...)

Public Archive

A collection of games, video works, documents, objects and images that was compiled as a reference library for the GenderBlending worksession. Featuring the Diversity Kickertable, a modded kicker (...)

Stitch And Split

Stitch and Split explores the joint, the interstices, between these two registers which might be considered opposed, science and fiction, and their reciprocal contamination. Science fiction as a (...)


Gender Blending gathers body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists around the table to challenge typical digital representations of the body, bending the (...)