July 2017

In a world where digital practices are omnipresent, everything is measurable, including the number of steps we make, the amount of water we drink daily or even one’s level of happiness. Self-quantification inhabits everyday practices. It becomes a game in which our body is envisioned as a set of (...)

In the frame of the installation QUANTIFY WHOLEHEARTEDLY in the window of Constant, Natacha Roussel and the Samedies organise a feminist workshop of design of environments of personal quantification tools.
This workshop proposes a reflection on the measurement of bodies. This pervasive (...)

An Mertens and Sarah Garcin will take part in .ORG, a 5 days / 5 nights residency of a collective work time that has been proposed to 50 persons, with discussions, creations, writing, hybridations, making , destroying… 1 open space of potentialities, 1 space-time, 1 isolated mountain place.
50 (...)

This summer, the Possible Bodies inventory travels to Hangar (Barcelona) to mutate with local affinity networks and communities of concern. During a two-week residency, the collective research will focus on biomedical 3D imaging and how it models, scans and renders "real bodies". Possible (...)

THIS CALL IS CLOSED The participants to the Transmarcations session are: Arkadi Zaides, Jonathan Chaim Reus, Mia Melvaer, Jerome Giller, Elvira Korman, Rajwa Tohme, Femke Snelting, Pacôme Beru /Pierre Marchand, Gabi Sobliye, Pierre Tandille, Samuel Rivers-Moore, Anne Goldenberg, Benjamin de (...)