Worksession: GenderBlending

@ Beursschouwburg

Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels


Gender Blending gathers body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists around the table to challenge typical digital representations of the body, bending the rules of both gender and software.

Using 3D animation software Blender, medical bodyscanners and 3D-printers, we’ll experiment at the contact zones of gender and technology.

In 6 days, 3 interdisciplinary groups will develop three interconnected proposals for modelling digital bodies differently. Each thread is prepared by two or three invited guests.

Throughout the week we’ll organise discussions, small workshops and presentations for all participants. This will allow us to work through theoretical and material specifics of imagining gender (social readings and constructed imaginations) in a digital context.

We’ll use Free, Libre and Open Source software such as MakeHuman, Blender, Openscad, Freecad and PyMol. Participants bring their own laptop with Linux installed or can borrow a computer for the duration of the session (limited availability).


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GenderBlending était une session de travail tenue au Beursschouwburg du 17 au 22 novembre 2014. Pendant une semaine elle a réuni des bodyhackeurs, des théoricien.nes 3D, des activistes de jeux, des designers queer et des féministes tech, afin de questionner les représentations clichées des corps (...)