The Death of the Authors, 1943: The Discrete Charm of the Botoisie

Fats Waller, Nicolas Tesla, Beatrix Potter and Sergei Rachmaninov are some of the many artists who have left this world during the second world war, in 1942. Their works entered the public domain on 1st january 2014 and are now widely available on the web.
These authors will be reanimated in the form of a "chatbot": a small software program that automatically intervenes in a chat conversation pretending to be human. The bots, the public, the printers and the projected images work together in this interactive performance.

With : BotsWaller, NICKola tesla, Beatrix Plotter, Rachmanibot, henrIRC lafontaine & their plotters. A work by Michael Murtaugh, Anne Laforet, Gijs De Heij, Antonio Roberts, An Mertens. A production of Constant.

@ Cinema Nova

rue Arenberg straat 3, 1000 Brussels