Project: Constant_V

SuPi8 workshop

From 20 to 22 November 2018 we organise a 3-days workshop where we will built camera’s from scratch, experiment with their design and shoot SuPi8 footage.

The SuPi8 is a digital camera ... but built inside a Super8 camera. More precisely, it is a digital sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi, stuck inside a 8mm or Super8 camera.
See a tutorial here: =>
The idea is to develop a small amateur camera which is cheap, easy to adapt, and which consumes little energy because it does not have a monitor. Instead we use the optical viewer of the analogue camera.

If you want to join the workshop, send an email to:
Places are limited.

The videos and cameras that are produced will be shown in the window of Constant in the framework of Constant_V from 22 November to 13 January.

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