Sharing ideas

@ Recyclart

Station Brussel-Kapellekerk / Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle
rue des Ursulinesstraat 25, 1000 Bruxxel


The group of artists, geeks, hackers, programmers, researchers that will be part of the work session in deBuren, will present a first overview of their ideas.
With a.o. presentations by Peter Westenberg, Nicolas Malevé, Kate Rich and a performance of two algorithms prepared by Adva Zakai & An Mertens.

In collaboration with Recyclart



Cqrrelations was a work session lasting from 12 till 23 January 2015 in deBuren, inviting data travellers, writers, numbergeeks, programmers, artists, mathematicians, storytellers, and other tech creative souls to explore the world of digital non-relations, desanalysis, blurry categorisations (...)