Round-up 4 all

@ De Pianofabriek

Rue du Fortstraat 35, 1060 Brussel / Bruxelles


Did it ever occur to you to wave at a surveillance camera ? Or rather, at the person who is watching you at that moment in the control room ? And how would it feel if that person would wave back and you would somehow be able to see or hear that ?

By using surveillance cameras and the free motion tracking software objscrs the artists of !CoLAPseKoDe explore spaces in which innocent mouvements can have consequences. Visitors are invited to move between these spaces and by doing so, play with light, image and sound. For interested people there is also a workshop module on Fri (see below).

Players : Simon Yuill, Kirsty Stansfield, An Mertens, Pierre Marchand, Matthias Koole, Lot Jansen, Dorothé Depeauw

Round-up presents the results of !CoLAPseKoDe, a research process by Mangrove-Tentactile and Constant vzw/asbl, with the support of De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats and the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie. The performance is part of the Open House Festival. Image by Bram Goots.

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Special : Workshop with Pierre Marchand & Dorothé Depeauw
on Friday 18 from 14 till 18h

Motion tracking is based on the analysis of differences between images in a video input. We’ll propose an exploration of how these differences are built in OBJSCRS, then trace new paths from the video input to the actual motion tracker. We’ll build visualizations out of this data structure, whether on screen or in any other possible form.


Adashboard (for fiction)

Adashboard (for fiction) is de werkgroep rond An Mertens. De groep voert onderzoek naar fictie in technologie en technologie in fictie. De werkgroep is een samenvloeiing van Stitch & Split en het onderzoek dat An Mertens voerde in het kader van haar Trajectsubsidie (VGC, 2007). De groep (...)
A une époque pré-numérique An Mertens aurait été le type d’auteur aux prises avec de petites cartes dans de grands tiroirs, essayant de tout garder classé par ordre alphabétique et utilisant 100 couleurs différentes. Heureusement, elle est née dans les années septante et donc elle peut maintenant (...)