Occupying the middle

Occupying the middle
On Artistic Research and the Arts, Sciences and Technology transdisciplinary practices


Constant is invited in a panel that is part of the closing event of BOZAR and JRC’s Datami exhibition, Culture Action Europe, BOZAR LAB and JRC are jointly organising a meeting with experts on Arts, Science and Technology research to further debate the challenges of creating a common field for transdisciplinary research. In this intersection between diverse domains, methodologies and contexts, putting different perspectives in dialogue is crucial. As a starting point to tackle these issues, this meeting invites the participants to have a bird’s eye view over other paradigma, replacing standard bodies of inherited knowledge and methodologies with atypical practices coming from the artistic field, to identify together the open doors for AST transdisciplinary research, the main obstacles and the ways to address them.


Bertouille Rotunda
Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Brussels