(New) Objects in Common: Peggy’s @ Recyclart

@ Recyclart

Ursulinenstraat 25, Rue des Ursulines, Brussels


On October 5th, the design collective LibreObjet published plans for a new piece of display furniture called Peggy for Fablab/Maker-Hacker-spaces. Often the lab/space is used for its infrastructure, but the objects and projects themselves stay transitory or invisible for other users. The Peggy display wants to highlight what’s happening in the spaces.
A selection of Peggy’s will be displayed full-size in the shop window of Recyclart.


Objects in Common

Digital media channels have led to a rise in the distributed manufacture of customised objects. How is it possible to make the manufacture and design of these objects really accessible, beyond the mere publication of online plans and platforms? How does one respond to a larger scale production (...)