LGM 2016: Call for Participation

Libre Graphics Meeting 2016: Other Dimensions

The eleventh annual international Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 will take place from Friday 15th until Monday 18th April 2016 in London, UK. This yearly event is an occasion for teams and individual contributors/artists involved in Libre Graphics to work together, to share experiences and to hear about new ideas.

By Libre Graphics we mean Free, Libre and Open Source tools for design, illustration, photography, typography, art, graphics, page layout, publishing, 3D modelling, digital making and manufacture, cartography, animation, video, interactive media, generative graphics and visual live-coding. The Libre Graphics Meeting is not just about software, but extends to standards, file formats and actual use of these in creative work. LGM has become the place in which they can discuss their projects, coordinate their efforts and, crucially, meet in person. Participants in the LGM include developers, designers, academics and activists from around the world, who are all passionate about Free/Libre graphics software and technology.

State of the Libre Graphics Union

We begin each meeting with a joint session that brings together all things that have happened in our wide landscape over the last year. So, instead of slots in the schedule for general updates on each Libre Graphics software project, we invite every team present at LGM to submit two slides (maximum), with a short explanatory text that showcases the leaps forward that have been made over the past year. For first-time presenters and particular big or new topics/features in established projects, we encourage additional stand-alone submissions.

Special focus: Other Dimensions

In Toronto we celebrated the first decade of LGM, reflecting on the past and considering the future. For the 2016 edition of LGM we continue speculating and will expand Libre Graphics into Other Dimensions. We are looking for presentations and workshops that explore the dimensions of space and material: 3D modelling and animation, Libre architecture, Open Source product design and other fields of digital making and manufacture. We are also seeking contributions that offer reflections on the ’other dimensions’ of open source communities and that engage with FLOSS tools in various contexts including but not limited to teaching, learning, practice and co-production. This represents a desire to address the future sustainability of the Libre Graphics movement, through a growth of the core projects and topics that will, we hope, allow us to welcome more and more FLOSS projects and participants to our community.

Practical Details

Submission deadline: 10 January 2016, content selection notification by end of January 2016.