Cqrrelating Compositions & Party

@ Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Hallen van Schaarbeek

Rue Royale de Ste-Marie /Koninklijke St.-Mariastraat 22b, 1030 Brussels


Data can be analysed, correlated and cqrrelated, discussed, visualised, and sonorised.

During a live-coding concert Alexandra Cárdenas, a Colombian composer living in Berlin, will cqrrelate some of the data the artists in deBuren experimented with. Afterwards Belgian mathematician and musician Valery Vermeulen offers us a first listening of Krystall Ball, a composition on the base of econometric data, algorithms and models that shape the global financial industries. His sound waves will be taken on by dj’s and transformed in a steaming dance experience.

This evening is organised collaboration with CPDP.


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Cqrrelations was a work session lasting from 12 till 23 January 2015 in deBuren, inviting data travellers, writers, numbergeeks, programmers, artists, mathematicians, storytellers, and other tech creative souls to explore the world of digital non-relations, desanalysis, blurry categorisations (...)