Algunos fragmentos entre ciencia y ficción

@ Can Felipa

Pallars, 277 08005 - Barcelona


Bodies are locations of political, cultural, scientific and technological negociations. They are objects of science and knowledge, they are flexible and vulnerable, but they are also sites of resistance and experimentation of possible futures and presents. A dialogue between Laurence Rassel and Nicolas Malevé taking Stitch And Split and the feminist practice of Constant as a starting point.
In the framework of Ciència, Ciència Ficció, Colonialisme i Genère, a conference organised by Lorenzo Sandoval in the framework of Expeditions to the void at Can Felipa. With interventions by Marta Rebollo, Juan Vicente Aliaga


Stitch And Split

Stitch and Split explores the joint, the interstices, between these two registers which might be considered opposed, science and fiction, and their reciprocal contamination. Science fiction as a zone of tension that amalgamates imaginary and real, utopia and dystopia, flesh and machine; the use (...)