Sunday 14 October 2007

Adventures in Architecture

Participation debate IBAI / Recyclart, Brussels

Recyclart, Brussels

Constant member Peter Westenberg participates in the debate ’Aventures en architecture’, organised by IBAI, the Brussels Architecture Institute The debate investigates city tours as an artistic practice. With Brukselbinnenstebuiten, Isabel de Barry / Ne pas plier, Vincent Calay, Dirk Lauwaert, Veronique Clette, Amelie Daems, Lucas Catherine.

IBAI (Institut Bruxellois d’Architecture) proposes to question organisers, sociologists, tourism specialists, philosophers and urbanists attempting to decipher the economics, politics and culture of this genre of urban intervention. What do city tours show us, how do they communicate, decode and translate the urban environment? What means can be exploited?

Routes + Routines

Routes + Routines is a series of city walks; surprise visits to unexpected corners of Brussels. The project tests out various methods for diverting and changing routines, and as a result your experience of daily habits could possibly shift. Through treading on unknown territory, these (...)