ACS SI: Schaarbeekse Taal

In the framework of the first ACS Summer Institute, hosted by the University of Ghent, Constant member Peter Westenberg will present the project Schaarbeekse Taal and discuss the working methods, based on documentation of past events and activities.

The three year project ’The Language of Schaarbeek’ collects words that have a special relationship with the Brussels neighborhood of Schaarbeek and its inhabitants. Berber, Brussels, Catalan, Greek, Polish, Spanish and many other immigrant languages are practiced alongside official languages French and Dutch.

Through artistic interventions, workshops, interviews and round table discussions this intercultural project maps words, phonetic spellings, text messaging abbreviations, acronyms, slam terms, rap language, anachronisms, jargon and slang in use on a particular territory. Verbal communication in this multicultural urban public space is enriched by the expressiveness of statements, accents, timbres, rhythms, dialects and subtexts. ’De Schaarbeekse Taal’ includes a database of audio recordings and regular radio broadcasts that are made to contextualize the collected words.

(about the ACS Summer Institute on Critical Literacies)
The traditional notions of literacy have been challenged by developments such as digitization, globalization and multiculturalism. During the Summer Institute we will question and discuss these challenges from a critical perspective, working at the intersection of cultural studies and education. We will expand the notion of a singular literacy to multiliteracies and focus on what this shift implies for media literacy, digital literacy, (cross)cultural literacy, academic literacy, corporal literacy, etc.

The ACS Summer Institute is organized by the research group Culture & Education (C&E) that is part of the Department of Educational Studies of Ghent University .

The Association of Cultural Studies is the premiere international association of cultural studies and hosts the biennial Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference. Starting with Ghent in 2011, the ACS intends to host a biennial Summer Institute.


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