Bourges, France

11e Festival Bandits-Mages

An Mertens will be participating in the 11th Festival Bandits-Mages, in the program ’Anticipated Worlds/Augmented Territories’.

Fiction allows you to take a distance from everyday reality and to inject new perspectives in work practises. Which examples of so called feminist science-fiction could inspire a methodology in which sharing, exchange and the right for mistakes are central ? Could we link the potential of new models embedded in the ’Cyborg Manifesto’ by Donna Haraway to the statement of Linus Thorvald in the following sentence, from the notes he distributed with the first release of Linux : ’Interrupts aren’t hidden.’ And what happens when you try to apply these ideas to a collaborative server project for women ? An Mertens will not answer all these questions, but will take them as a starting point for an unreleased storytelling session.

Look into the catalogue of the festival.

@ ENSA_Bourges, 7 rue Édouard-Branly, Bourges, France