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Audio Archive

A selection of sounds, radio-broadcasts, conferences and other types of recordings that have been produced in conjunction with Constant events.

Video archive

Video’s that have been recorded in relation to Constant events. The type of material varies: some are meticulously edited interviews, others are archived streams, try-outs, video-portraits or (...)


OSP-foundry serves a small but growing collection of Libre Fonts designed by OSP with other type collaborators. Complete typefaces, typographic thoughts, works in progress, proofs of concept: (...)

Constant Verlag

Constant Verlag is a growing on-line repository, currently containing more than 60 texts on digital art and infrastructure. Some of those texts were already available on our website, others only (...)

Image Repository

The Image gallery collects pictures that were taken during the various activities. Unless mentioned otherwise, these images are published under a Free Art (...)