Cuisine Interne Keuken: How do you make a living?

Research and audio database on how cultural workers make a living

Answering 17 questions around the ingredients and recipes of cultural work, many artists, organizers, cultural workers were interviewed on how they make a living, on how they survive.


Fork · 2009

Fork #3: Cuisine Interne Keuken/At Work

Cuisine Interne Keuken is the audio-project of Constant making visible the internal organisation of the cultural industry. By interviewing artists on their practises of dealing with written and (...)
Presentation · 2008

CIK on stage

Wendy Van Wynsberghe introduces My Cuisine Interne Keuken, an interview database & tool on the conditions of work, on Sunday 25 may during the Eclectic Tech Carnival, organized by the (...)
Presentation · 2008

Cuisine Interne Keuken demo

A mini demo of ’My Cuisine Interne Keuken’ by Wendy Van Wynsberghe, followed by interviews on the first floor of The Laboureur, done with a flexible Python interviewing (...)
Workshop · 2005

¿Qué coño tiene que ver la música, con la industria y el feminismo (en un centro de arte)?

A series of meetings, debates, interviews and a documentation room on the process of music production and its relationship with feminist practices. In collaboration with Montse Romani (...)