Books with an Attitude

Books with an Attitude are published by Constant, made with 100% Free and Open
Source and published under open content licenses. This is why they deserve the hallmark ’Book with an Attitude’.
Books with an Attitude will continue in 2017 as a way to showcase and develop the
publishing activities of Constant, looking into and reflecting upon the specific ways of
creation, production and distribution that emerge in the meeting between F/LOSS designers, authors and ’books’.



Cyberfeminisme / Cyberféminisme

"This is a book of translations - because translation permits dissemination - of certain selected texts which seem ti us to pose important questions, and which enable us to conceptualise our (...)

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TYPE.CODE: Books with an attitude

During one week Constant will show her books in the framework of the exhibition ’TYPE.CODE’ in La Maison du Livre in Saint-GIlles. These books are published by Constant, made with 100% Free and (...)