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Arts & Feminisms

Mini-program integrating gender studies in arts education The project is coordinated by two associations: SOPHIA, which aims to promote gender studies (1) in higher education in Belgium and (...)

The Materiality of the Invisible

In the framework of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible, Femke has been invited together with Eyal Weizman to dig deeper into the topic of the relationship of objects – and their (...)

Four freedoms for research and experiment

Gijs de Heij, Manetta Berends and An Mertens will propose a workshop on the notion of public domain when it comes to machine learning practises, in the framework of ’Summerschool #2 Making Public (...)

Relearn 2017 - call for participation

This summer Relearn is travelling to Rotterdam. After the organisers collected track proposals in the previous weeks, they are now looking for participants to make this week of relearning happen (...)


An Mertens and Sarah Garcin will take part in .ORG, a 5 days / 5 nights residency of a collective work time that has been proposed to 50 persons, with discussions, creations, writing, (...)

Possible Bodies: Imagined Mishearings

This summer, the Possible Bodies inventory travels to Hangar (Barcelona) to mutate with local affinity networks and communities of concern. During a two-week residency, the collective research (...)

The Document Transformed

Masterclass with Adva Zakai (Thursday) and presentation (Saturday) on the BioVision Hierarchy file format. BioVision Hierarchy (.bvh) is an ASCII file format used to import data from various (...)

The library as an information broker and the maker movement

In the maker movement, information and sharing - primary library territory - are under scrutiny. During this session, (part of the CultuurConnect "Inspiratiedag: Focus op Makerspaces") you will (...)

Possible Bodies: Collective Inventorying

Possible Bodies interrogates corpo-realities and their orientation through parametric interfaces and looks at anatomies that are computationally constrained by the requirements of mesh-modeling. (...)

Post-digital Archive Experience

Peter Westenberg and An Mertens are invited to Aalborg University, to give a workshop and a masterclass for a group of students of the Erasmus JMD program in Media Arts Cultures. This program is (...)