CCTV video Freedom Not Fear

Under the name Freedom Not Fear, "Defending fundamental rights in our networked world", three days of meetingsare organised that investigate the impact of EU gouvernemental surveillance (...)

CCTV video Freedom Not Fear

Freedom not Fear is a yearly gathering of activists from different European countries. Subjects: Net neutrality, camera surveillance, smart meters, facial recognition, biometrics. The meeting is (...)

Fiction as a Compass

Stitch and Split situates itself here and now: the beginning of the 21st century, in Antwerp. We go out to discover the Antwerp opinions about the future. Also, what lessons can reality learn (...)

Forest Law + Night Soil - Nocturnal Gardening

On Tuesday evening, Z33 organizes, in the context of the Alchorisma worksession, a screening of two films that focus on the themes of magic and spirituality. The two films show how artists (...)

Happy Public Domain 2014!

Each year, as of January 1, thousands of works enter into the public domain, 70 years after the death of their authors. The period of protection by copyright expires, and the works become a (...)

Honey stories

Screening & discussion on honey & bees in the area, in presence of the filmmaker and previous occupant of the shop, Christina Stadlbauer. HONEYSHOP Between September and October 2010, 7 (...)

In search of the lost gypsy

A la recherche du gitan perdu In Schaerbeek, winter, jobless, prices are on the rise: this reality really puts you down. Music, dance, the sun revives you. And this song that keeps on coming (...)


Kick%Sync%Trans is an evening on de-normalizing/gendering sport hosted by Željko Blaće. With presentations by artists Željko Blaće and Lola Lasurt, and screening films by Tom Weller and Dylan (...)


As a contribution to the Nova festival ’Imaginary Property’ (more info soon at:, OSP presents a selection of animated scripts, instructional videos, (...)

Open Source Video?

An evening with presentations and screenings around the question what do we understand by ’Open Source Video’? No doubt that the cutting edge artistic content will be alternated by discussions (...)

Place Belgique

Screening, discussion in presence of Foued Bellali 44’, 2006, 2BOUTS asbl - french, arabe - subtitles: french Place de Belgique talks about double nationalities and introduces us to men and (...)

Public Domain Day 2015

The Public Domain Day is celebrating works of art which enter into the public domain because their copyrights have expired. These works can be freely enjoyed, used, changed, republished by (...)

Public Domain Day 2016

Copyright is an important tool that allows to protect the creation and distribution of creative works. But Public Domain is also essential because it makes free access to these works possible. (...)

Rue du Nord

Screening of the film Rue du Nord in the temporary space of De Schaerbeekse Taal. In collaboration with 2bouts association and Nadine. With an introduction by Foued Bellali. Rue du Nord (...)

Science Fiction as a Laboratory

Sciencefiction can be a laboratory for experiments imagining time, space, societal and affectionate relations between human beings. Through SF we can read the present as the past tense of the (...)

Science as Fiction

Sciencefiction permits us to approach science as an experimental playground. Can we consider tinkering with gender, race and lifeforms as a symbol for our own longings? Do we dare to accept the (...)

Some Birds Are More Like Fish

Some Birds Are More Like Fish is an evening of screenings, presentations and discussion around bodies beyond categories. From "speculative biologies" to parameters of detection, we’ll think (...)

Stitch And Split

Stitch and Split explores the joint, the interstices, between these two registers which might be considered opposed, science and fiction, and their reciprocal contamination. Science fiction as a (...)

The Future of Digital Television

Stitch and Split invites you to take a look at the future of digital television, not from the utopian everything-is-possible-the-world-is-your-oyster sales strategy, nor from the purely artistic (...)

The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism

To round off the installation The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism we are glad to invite you to the première of the film Constant Vitrine directed by (...)