AA Videowiki presentation in Archipel conference

In the framework of the digitalisation project ’Archipel’ Constant developed the ’Active Archives Videowiki’ in collaboration with BAM. During the closure event of the Archipel project Michael (...)


New media conceptualize space in terms of interhuman and concrete relationships. Their cartographic representation show how these different dimensions are linked to each other and tries to (...)

Academy Commons

Academy Commons is a platform conceived to connect and reinforce research practices beyond academic boundaries. Nicolas Malevé, member of Constant, together with team mates Anja Steidinger and (...)


During this information session we explain methods and contents for the workshop that will happen in Mundaneum in Mons from 8 to 12 October 2018 (10-18h), organised by the teachers of Digital (...)

Algorithmic Cultures and Security

How could we address the impact of contemporary digital technologies on security and surveillance mechanisms and its influence on posthuman subject-formation? Femke contributes to the fourth (...)

Algorithmic Wildlife

Constant member An Mertens will take part in this evening programme of Coded Matter(s) in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, with a presentation of her research on ’Algorithmic storytellers’. Other (...)

Apero Promiscuous Pipelines

At this special edition of the FoAM apéro you can discover some of the processes that we have been running at Promiscuous Pipelines, a worksession trying to re-imagine modularity, knowing that (...)

Artefact Symposium: Location Based Media

Constant member Peter Westenberg presents his project World Wide Westwijk; a semi-permanent mediative neighbourhood intervention and site specific collective video-workplace in Vlaardingen, (...)

Autonomy (im)possible!

What is the biography of your server/service? What gender is your server/service? How does s/he deal with the law and how does the law deal with her/him? How do you take care of your (...)

Being Urban

Constant is invited to participate in the project Being Urban, organised by Adrien Grimmeau and Pauline de La Boulaye in ISELP. The objective of BEING URBAN is to reflect on the place of artistic (...)

Book Launch

The book Woorden uit de Berenkuil/Words from La Cage aux Ours will be festively launched in Passaporta, where we are hosted by Entrez Lire. There will beinhabitants reading fragments of the book, (...)

Booklaunch @ 1030

The artistic dictionary ’Mots de la Cage aux Ours/Woorden uit de Berenkuil’ will be presented in the Bibliothèque Sésame in presence of the makers and slammer Maky. Maky who spent his adolescence (...)

Bookpresentation CROSS-over. Kunst, Media en Technologie in Vlaanderen

The Open Source Publishing team designed CROSS-over, a publication on art, media and technology in Flanders. The publication is edited by Liesbeth Huybrechts and published by BAM and Lanoo. (...)

Bots, robots, cyborgs

Constant member An Mertens will take part in Just For the Record, an event dedicated to presentations, discussions and Wikipedia editing, addressing gender issues around the themes of bots, (...)

By Data We Mean

Presentation of V/J12 e-publication in Constant Variable

CIAO/Tot Later

In 2008 An presented the beta-version of the distributed novel ’CIAO/Tot Later’ in the exhibition Place@Space/NowHere in Z33 Hasselt. Years passed by and now she’s ready to present CIAO/Tot Later - (...)

CIK on stage

Wendy Van Wynsberghe introduces My Cuisine Interne Keuken, an interview database & tool on the conditions of work, on Sunday 25 may during the Eclectic Tech Carnival, organized by the (...)

CPDP Pecha Kucha

During this years Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference the video Staring will be shown. This video results from the Ballade sous video surveillance collaboration between the (...)

Call for presentations: Libre Graphics Meeting

The Libre Graphics Meeting will take place 29 April – 2 May 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The event welcomes your contribution and is looking for in-depth presentations on Libre Graphics technologies, (...)

Call for presentations: Libre Graphics Meeting

The Libre Graphics Meeting will take place 10-13 April in Madrid. The event welcomes your contribution and is looking for in-depth presentations on Libre Graphics technologies, showcases of (...)

Canadian Printing Breakfast

The Open Source Publishing team would like to serve you their latest adventures in free software for breakfast. With amongst other things a lay-out application animating a fairy tale, a software (...)

Close Encounters: Active Archives

In the context of the series Close Encounters, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting and a.pass researcher Pierre Rubio will discuss the long history of Active Archives. Active Archives started in 2006 (...)

Club Variable: Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch is an artist from the UK who has been staying at the Constant Variable residency since early October. Emma makes performances and videos, and volunteers for Cinenova, a film and (...)

Code Tasting / Graphical Shell prototype (GSp)

At this autumn Code Tasting, we’ll try out Graphical Shell, a prototype developed by Pierre Marchand in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit. His proposal links the ’tick’ of a program to (...)


For the next three years Constant runs a F/LOSS Arts Lab in the rue Gallait straat 80. This modularly conceived workspace and its makers cordially invite you to come and have a look at what they (...)

Creative Commons Relaunch event

*Invitation* *Relaunch of CC-BE on 8 December @ iMAL!* Creative Commons is celebrating it’s tenth birthday this year. For this occasion there will be events all over the globe between December (...)

Cuisine Interne Keuken demo

A mini demo of ’My Cuisine Interne Keuken’ by Wendy Van Wynsberghe, followed by interviews on the first floor of The Laboureur, done with a flexible Python interviewing (...)

De Klas van Tine: The ACB of the alphabet

In the framework of De Klas van Tine Femke will present The ACB of the alphabet. It is a class about letters, signs and computers. How do you change text into code, and code into text? What does (...)

De Taalpolitie

A group of Dutch youngsters investigate the word ‘allochthonous’ in video’s uploaded in this vlog. De Taalpolitie (The Language Police) is a project by Constant member Peter Westenberg developped (...)

Digital Content Distribution

Under the claim "professionalize the professionals" the Erich Pommer Institut, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, is offering a series of workshops within its programme (...)

Digital Work

Digital Work was both a conference and a workshop organised by the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Constant was invited to join the workshop and Laurence Rassel gave a lecture in the panel (...)

Dorkbot: Softwearables

Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe will present her Softwearables trajectory during Dorkbot at iMAL. It will be a combination of softsensors, proximity and (...)

Ecrire à l’ère d’Internet - Schrijvers op het net

Constant member An Mertens will present a series of algoliterary works for the audience of Passaporta. Writer Diane Meur will present how she uses the internet for her work. Author Annelies (...)

Expanded Publications #10: Oral Site

Sneak preview by Sarma & Constant Oral Site is a new open source software and website that Myriam Van Imschoot develops with a team of programmers, writers and sound specialists of Sarma, (...)

Fathers of the Internet

In 2013, Belgium universalist, pacifist and feminist Paul Otlet was recognized as ’a founding father of the Internet’. Simultaneously, Google adopted the remains of Otlet’s archive at the Mundaneum (...)

Feminism is on the agenda

Nicolas Malevé and Femke Snelting participate in this one day workshop that looks into how practices motivated by personal questions in relation to gender can be responsive to specific spatial and (...)

Finissage Woordenwinkel

The final day of the Word-Shop temporary housing for the Language of Schaarbeek. has come. Today will be the last opportunity to visit us here, to listen to the database and the radio broadcasts (...)

For Your Eyes Only

Constant members An Mertens and Wendy Van Wynsberghe will present the e-traces project and Yoogle! at the conference For Your Eyes Only, organised in the framework of the EMSOC-project. The (...)

From image to data, about a dividing line

Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé will contribute to the seminar Document, fiction et droit, organised by ArBa-EsA and the University of Aix-Marseille. Their presentation will focus on the (...)

GenderArtNet @Cuerpo Impropio

Maria PtqK and Nicolas Malevé will present the GenderArtNet project - - in the seminar “Cuerpo Impropio, guia de modelos somapoliticos y de sus posibles usos desviados”. (...)

GenderArtNet’s presentation

GenderArtNet is an experimental mapping project that contextualises and connects artists, artistic practices, projects and organisations exploring the interrelation of gender, ethnicity, race, (...)

General State of Affairs: Creation of a future – the word to the Fine Arts Field

At the invitation of IBK (Fine Arts Initiative), Laurence Rassel, Constant member, will participate in a workshop on the relationships between art centers and museums, and the relationships (...)

HDYD: Variable + AA

’How do you do’ is a low treshold meeting during which makers explain ’the making of’ succesful digital and technological projects. Peter Westenberg wil lead one session about Active Archives and (...)

Happy New Year’s Bookdrink

This is a warm invitation to celebrate. Yes, we have an extra reason to start 2015 with bubbles! During the last edition of the meetingdays Verbindingen/Jonctions in December 2013 we invited a (...)

Happy Public Domain Day

An afternoon focussing on Public Domain works and the problems of institutional digitisation. As the event will be in French and Dutch, please read the full program there. A collaboration with (...)

Ideographies of knowledge

"Once one read; today one refers to, checks through, skims." - Paul Otlet, 1903 Mondotheque contributes to Ideographies of knowledge, an event that brings together a number of digital (...)

Journées du libre

Constant members Femke Snelting and Wendy van Wynsberghe talk about how and why cultural workers engage themselves with Free culture.


Kick%Sync%Trans is an evening on de-normalizing/gendering sport hosted by Željko Blaće. With presentations by artists Željko Blaće and Lola Lasurt, and screening films by Tom Weller and Dylan (...)

Kunstenwerkplaats Reflection afternoon

Kunstenwerkplaatsen (Art labs) are a broad category of divers initiatives difficult to capture under one umbrella. Fact is that they are all research based, and center stage artistic development. (...)

L’image qu’on se fait de nous

Which images do media, companies, histories produce on us? Let’s start from the image of new technology, how are they represented, how are we represented in relation with (...)

LGM@Open Design Conference

Presentation of the LGRU project during the closing party of the Open Design Conference held in Barcelona, organized by the FAD. The conference brings together designers and thinkers who share an (...)


F/LAT will host the next Post-Variable-Loop (aka. LOOP) in their brand new space on Thursday 9th October 2014. Post-Variable-Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS (...)

LOOP #14

Recyclart opens its doors for a series of ultrashort presentations on the experimental artwork created in the F/LOSS Arts Studio of Variable in Schaarbeek. An opportunity to meet the artists, (...)

LOOP #16

This Thursday the studiobuilding VARIABLE opens its doors for the last LOOP! A Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet the artists, taste the work, see the studio-spaces. (...)


F/LAT will host the next LOOP on Thursday 18th December 2014. LOOP is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS artists, taste their work or present own work, and engage in a (...)


The design caravan Open Source Publishing will host the next Post-Variable-Loop (aka. LOOP) in their brand new space on Thursday 13th November 2014. LOOP is an informal moment for everyone who (...)

La repolitizacion del espacio sexual en las practicas contemporaneas.

Lecture, video program and group discussion by Laurence Rassel during a seminar organised by the Erreakzioa group and Maria José Belbel on critical feminism and queer politics in the art (...)


An Mertens will represent Constant at LabSurLab, collaborating in a workshop on Digital Tools for Performing Arts, moderating a round table about Women & Technology and co-presenting the (...)

Publication launch

We are very happy to invite you to the launch of the online Cqrrelations publication. Cqrrelations was a worksession of two weeks we organised in deBuren in January 2015. As one year counts for (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting 2011

OSP will participate in the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal with three talks and also co-organises a workshop weekend and an exhibition in StudioXX. LGM is an opportunity for give (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting: Relaying Systems

Presentation by Constant members Femke Snelting and Harrison during the annual meeting around free software for graphical work. Why designers should be interested in (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting

OSP (Open Source Publishing) travels to Wroclaw, Poland to participate in the Libre Graphics Meeting Days 2008. With amongst others: a Print Party, a workshop and a presentation. Audio & (...)

Libre Graphics Research Unit @ Baltan Laboraties

Femke presents the Libre Graphics Research Unit, a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed. Its diverse activities range from the practical to the theoretical via writing, (...)

(New) Objects in Common: Peggy’s

The collective Libre Objet will present variations of Peggy, exhibition furniture for Fablabs and Maker-Hacker-spaces. During the month of October, a series of labs in Belgium was asked to (...)

Meisjes in Migrantees? ’Faciles à garer’

Reportage leaving Schaarbeek to go to the booklaunch in Passaporta, Brussel Deze Week, 24 October 2012

Mondotheque::a radiated booklaunch

In 1919 the Mundaneum occupied half of the majestic Cinquantenaire building in Brussels. The ambitious project was imagined by Paul Otlet and Henri Lafontaine as a mix between documentation (...)

Mondothèque at Otlet Salons

Femke represents Mondothèque at the Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons, a "network event that aims to foster new cooperation across the borders of disciplines, institutions and society." With (...)

Networks with an attitude: Stories 02

Stories, presentations and reports of what happened during part two of the worksession: ’Long live the Internets’ and a booklaunch. Booklaunch ’Technological Sovereignty’ translation to Dutch + (...)

Networks with an attitude: Stories 01

Stories and reports on what has been happening in the first part of the worksession entitled ’The internet is dead’ and two presentations De-google/de-gafam your organisation/digital life Agnez (...)

Open Sauces

Femke Snelting contributes to the grand FoAM Open Sauces dinner with a toast on redundancy-free cooking.

Open Source Publishing Briefing

Together with Mute’s Simon Worthington and Laura Oldenburg, OSP participates to the NM-X network evening. We present our experiences with free software for designers, and discuss problems and (...)

Parallel publishing

In the publishing business, the term ’parallel publishing’ is used to describe the production of the same content or information in more than one medium (typically paper and screen). The Open (...)

Parlons hybrid/e Speech

A presentation / discussion at feminist art center La Centrale in Montreal (CA) of two projects around hybrid languages that Constant has organised over the past years in Brussels. Peter (...)

Pecha Kucha about !Co LAPse KoDe

An will present the work of !Co LAPse KoDe in 20 slides and 400 seconds. Please register beforehand if you would like to assist.

Peggy’s @ Recyclart Opening

In the light of the versions of the display furniture (for fablabs/hackerspaces) called Peggy, we will have a talk about ’Objects in Common’, Free/Libre/Open Design (with LibreObjet and Entropie). (...)

Plankton Bar #39 & Softwearables

The month of March and April 2011, Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe is doing a residency in Bains::Connective. For the first public moment of this residency, Plankton Bar #39 on the first of (...)

Plutonian Striptease: social network platforms

This talk will provide elements to think about social network platforms and the evolution of national and international legal agreements. We will examine the processes of homogenization of the (...)

Possible Bodies: Phenomenal 3D

What norms are shaped through 3D technologies? Who invented those three "dimensions" in the first place and why to stick with them as "true"? Can tools produce realities and presences and if so: (...)

Presentation @ Packed

Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe presents during this study-afternoon that questions the role of intellectual property in the creation of media-arts. Wat are the risks for musea buying arts (...)

Presentation: Screenless Office

Brendan Howell, artist in residence from Berlin, will share his findings from a series of "Screenless Offiice" experiments. His intent is to produce an artistic operating system that does not (...)

Project presentation

Presentation of a research and possible development of free software in collaboration with cultural institutes (software-modules, presentations, exchange (...)


Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe presents Constant’s work during the launch event of the New Media lab of Area 10. The media lab is dedicated to working with Free Libre / Open Source tools. RE (...)

Round-table discussion: Co-position

How can we re-imagine lay-out from scratch? What tools do we need to support decentralized collaboration? How can we bring together canvas editing, dynamic lay-outs, web-to-print and Print On (...)

Round-up for scores, people, objects & others

The players of !Co LAPse KoDe have been kindly hosted in De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats for the transdisciplinary research on their work with the free motion tracking software objscrs during (...)

Samedies #15: Festive closure

Festive closure of the second Samedi season with performances, presentations and talks.

Sarma Salon#7: Scores and Constraints

An Mertens will present a statement on working with scores in the 7th Salon organised by Sarma & Workspace Brussels. Many performance artists work with scores or self-imposed constraints. (...)

Seminar Sound + Art: Curating and Interfacing Archives

As part of Systemics #1 programme, Kunsthal Aarhus hosts a public seminar on the issues of experiencing, remembering and curating sound art/sound archives. Members of Constant, Michael Murtaugh (...)

Sharing ideas

The group of artists, geeks, hackers, programmers, researchers that will be part of the work session in deBuren, will present a first overview of their ideas. With a.o. presentations by Peter (...)

Sniff, Scrape, Crawl …

“Sniff, Scrape, Crawl…” is an ongoing interdisciplinary research project. Through a series of workshops, debates, lectures and presentations, the thematic project was launched with this event in (...)

Sniff and sneak through my archives

A presentation of the project Erkki Kurenniemi (In 2048) in the framework of Archives of Software Art, an event organized by Jussi Parikka and Burak Arikan. The presentation will take as a point (...)

Some Birds Are More Like Fish

Some Birds Are More Like Fish is an evening of screenings, presentations and discussion around bodies beyond categories. From "speculative biologies" to parameters of detection, we’ll think (...)

Space cowboys

Constant member Peter Westenberg participates in this two day workshop that aims to enable sharing and mapping of experiences, thoughts and visions around creative expressions of hybrid space. (...)

Studienamiddag e-cultuur

Participation to the study conference on ’e-culture and participation’. In the framework of this gathering ensuing from the publication ’E-cultuur. Bouwstenen voor praktijk en beleid’, Constant (...)

Sustainable Models for Shared Culture: a set of policy recommendations

Jaron Rowan from Conservas/FcForum will do a short presentation of a booklet aimed at analyzing and understanding the economic models that sustain free cultural practices to later suggest a set (...)

The Document Transformed

Masterclass with Adva Zakai (Thursday) and presentation (Saturday) on the BioVision Hierarchy file format. BioVision Hierarchy (.bvh) is an ASCII file format used to import data from various (...)

The Laurence Rassel Show discussed

At the occasion of Terre Thaemlitz’ residency at the York University Music Research Centre under the direction of Tony Myatt, The Laurence Rassel Show will be discussed and presented as well as (...)

Tools for a Read-Write World

Femke Snelting presents Tools for a read-write world (Interactivos?’13) at the Open Design Conference in Barcelona "Interactivos? is a hybrid between an intense collaborative prototyping (...)

Transcommunautaire Karaoke Transcommunautaire

Installation at Passaporta during BRXLBRAVO with texts of Paul Van Ostaijen and Suzanne Lilar. All visitors lend their voice to the computer. One can hear how the machine presents the two texts (...)

Transmarcations guided tour

During the worksession Transmarcations a group of artists and art related practitioners experiment with concepts, softwares, cartographies and representations. Much of this work is done behind (...)

Transmarcations talks

This evening is organised in the framework of the Constant worksession Transmarcations that takes place simultaneously in De Beursschouwburg. Speakers A. Alexander Antonopoulos and Nishat Awan (...)

Cqrrelations @ Transmediale

Dick Reckard, An Mertens, Brendan Howell and Catherine Lenoble will present some ideas developed during ’Cqrrelations’ (pronounce crummylations, querylations...), the latest Constant work session (...)

VJ11.1 O b j e c t S c o r e N o t a t i o n

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)

Variable Loop #12

The studiobuilding VARIABLE opens its doors every first thursday of the month for ’LOOP’, an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet the artists, taste the work, see the studio-space. (...)

Variable Loop

This Thursday Constant will host the first Variable Loop after moving out from Variable in July! Variable Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS artists, taste (...)

Variable @ LSM Brussels

An Mertens will present the F/LOSS Arts Lab Variable at the yearly Free Software Meeting LSM/RMML. From 6th till 11th of July this institution of the Libre Software world, the LSM invites all (...)

Visualizing Transnationalism, presentations.

A grid divides the map in eight regions. Each region has a label: “Ornamental”, “Geolyrical”, “Taxonomical”, “Afraid of tomorrow”, “Fermentational”, “Miraculous”, “Exobotanical”, “The end of the world”. (...)

What is the archive?

With an on-line presentation, Femke contributes to What is the archive?, a yearly laboratory organized by Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Videoteca. This three day meeting proposes to examine the (...)

Wijk Schaarbeek met eigen woordenboek

Report booklaunch Passaporta, Het Nieuwsblad, 22 October 2012

Yoogle! workshop

Yoogle! is an online game allowing users to play with the parameters of the web 2.0 and to exchange roles between the different actors of its economy. At the occasion of 7/24:30! - Technologie, (...)