Π­view - Stéphane Cousot + Stéfan Piat

Exhibition Π­view Opening 2 july – 18:00 A noisy street in Sint-Gilles. A shopping window in which a monitor and speakers show and play what happens further on in the street. A film without (...)

21C/19C. Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal | Finissage

In the next three weeks you still have a chance to have a look at ’21C/19C. Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal’ in the window of Constant. On Friday 21 October, from 16:00 to 18:00, the (...)

21C/19C. Procedures for Anthropometric Image Reversal

Through the lenses of 19th century photographers, the visual artist Antje Van Wichelen dives into the clichés and underlying motives of the Western colonial anthropometric collections and their (...)

A Model for a Politician

With a Model for a Politician, Gijs de Heij researches the role of language and image profiles in politics and their ability to influence our judgement. Constant will host The Weekly Address in (...)

Algoliterary Encounter

In the framework of Saison Numérique the Maison du Livre opens its space for Algolit during three days in a row. The group presents lectures, workshops and a small exhibition about the narrative (...)

An Electromagnetic Walk

An Electromagnetic Walk is an installation comprising a series of everyday objects, each one connected to a headset and a control unit. Manufactured using textile techniques, a fine copper mesh (...)

Anna K

fiction : Catherine Lenoble / design : Open Source Publishing

Are you being Served

Internet is becoming more and more densely populated with services that monitor data traffic, networks and users. Cloud computing services claim a good, safe and transparent use of your data, but (...)

Books with an Attitude

During the Summer Books with an Attitude, a series of Constant’s books, will be on display. You can also find an overview on the website: http://www.books.constantvzw.org/ Books with an Attitude (...)

Books with an attitude

From 22 May until 31 May, The Libre Graphics Research Unit presents Books with an attitude, an exhibition of printed books made with Libre digital tools. This exhibition includes Libre bookdesign (...)


CIAO/CU – Digital narration CIAO/TOT LATER — Novel * Work in Progress* Linda is a young photographer who dreams of making a living as a comic artist. She lives on a square in the center of (...)

CIVA expo RDV Cage aux ours

The exhibition ’Rendez-vous à la cage’ gives an overview of the actions that have taken place in the framework of the neighborhood contract ’Navez-Portaels’ that took place between 2009 and 2012. (...)

City Garden @ Festival du Kanal

Along the canalside, before and after the Kanal Labs, from sunset onwards, you’ll be able to listen to the hidden sound world of bats. Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe will use ‘bat detectors’ (...)

Closing party & concert

The collective exhibition in Zennestraat 17 will close on Sunday 31st May to re-open in October 2009. *Closing party on 30-5-9 from 9pm *Concert by Kapotski on 31-5-9 from 2 till 6pm From May (...)

Connection Protocols in Artefact 2012

As part of the Artefact Festival in Stuk Leuven, organised around ’The Social Contract’, Constant will present Connection Protocols. Not only people but also bots, search engines and spiders abide (...)

Constant V: (machine) knit

Apart from turning thread or yarn into a piece of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other by hand with needles or by machine, to knit also means to become closely and firmly (...)


Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office. These installations are sometimes accompanied by a workshop led by the artist(s) in order to focus not (...)

Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048) @ Kiasma

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé present a second iteration of the Data Radio in the framework of the Kurenniemi’s retrpospective in Kiasma. The project is a webradio that (...)

Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé present a project that investigates the vast body of material generated by Finnish artist, nuclear scientist, futurologist and technology (...)

Data Workers

Data Workers is an exhibition of algoliterary works, of stories told from an ‘algorithmic storyteller point of view’. The exhibition is a creation by members of Algolit, a group from Brussels (...)

Death of the Authors @ Print Error / Jeu de Paume

The work by Constant, The Death of the Authors/edition 1941, is on show in the virtual gallery of Jeu de Paume during the exhibition ’PRINT ERROR/ PUBLISHING IN THE DIGITAL AGE’ curated by (...)

Digital Flux #2

Digital Flux #2 is an exhibition organised by La Vènerie. The theme of the exhibition is the flow of digital data and how it infiltrates our daily life. Michel Cleempoel will present three (...)

Dingbats Liberation Fest III: Nancy

The Dingbats Liberation Fest adventure continues in Nancy. Invited by the my.monkey gallery, OSP presents some of its works and will open a new workshop Dingbats Liberation Fest: into the grid. (...)

Discover the languages of Schaerbeek!

Arab, Turkish, Berber, Dutch, Brussels, Swahili, Polish… these are only few of the languages that colour the shared French language in the area around La Cage aux Ours/Place Verboeckhoven. The (...)

Diverted Objects

«Diverted Objects» is an installation developed by the collective LibreObjet around the “fork” applied to objects. The "fork" means an object having a common root with a second one. Initially twins, (...)


ESPACE AUTOUR is an invitation for you to map out your personal perception of space. Those tangible spaces show the relationship to what is around you. The classic codes of communication are (...)

Fernand Baudin Prize 2009

The Constant book Tracks in elect(ron)ic fields won a Fernand Baudin Prize 2009. This exhibition in Brussels presents the bookawards and other nominations. Opening, award ceremony of the (...)

Finissage Variable!

After three intense and beautiful years the F/LOSS Art Studio Variable will move out of the residence of VGC in Schaerbeek. To celebrate one last time we warmly invite you to join us for the (...)

From Bosnia to the world and back

«From Bosnia to the world and back» is a cartographic project by Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, that situates the Bosnia “neighborhood” in Saint-Gilles in the middle of its worldwide network. The (...)

GenderArtNet@Expeditions to the void

The project Expeditions to the Void, Science, Territory and subjective narratives, investigates the potential of subjective narratives created by a series of women artists who analyse, narrate (...)

Happy Public Domain Day

An afternoon focussing on Public Domain works and the problems of institutional digitisation. As the event will be in French and Dutch, please read the full program there. A collaboration with (...)

I don’t know where this is going

A collective installation by: Pascale Barret (BE/FR) Miriam Raggam (AT) Claire Williams (BE/FR) François Zajega (BE) Julien Deswaef (USA/BE) Annie Abrahams (NL/FR) Opening | Vernissage: 23 / 06 (...)

Iterations - The Tech Oracle

Iterations The Tech Oracle TTO with Pascale Barret, Julien Deswaef, Heidrun Primas, Ushi Reiter, Agnese Trocchi, IOhannes m zmölnig Where internet companies don’t want to burn their fingers on (...)

Libre Graphics Meeting 2011

OSP will participate in the 6th Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal with three talks and also co-organises a workshop weekend and an exhibition in StudioXX. LGM is an opportunity for give (...)

Listen to the words from Saint-Gilles

In the Dutch speaking library of Saint-Gilles you can listen to a selection of words that were recorded in the neighborhood in the framework of the project Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ? With (...)

Locating the text

The Death of the Authors, 1941 edition will be part of the virtual gallery in the exhibition “Les littératures numériques d’hier à demain”, organised by the Electronic Literature Organisation in the (...)

Menses Antidote

MENSES ANTIDOTE, by Isabel Burr Raty, is a Totem, whose hybrid nature intertwines an invigorating melting genital substance with an “electronic DIY nervous system”, programmed to manufacture a (...)

(New) Objects in Common: Peggy’s @ Recyclart

On October 5th, the design collective LibreObjet published plans for a new piece of display furniture called Peggy for Fablab/Maker-Hacker-spaces. Often the lab/space is used for its (...)

On Journey with Hovelbot

New landscapes are in the making by how we interact with our telephones and computers. Two hundred years after Mary Shelley wrote her novel Frankenstein, an Algolit Extended group reinterpreted (...)

Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? Listening post

In the Dutch speaking library of Saint-Gilles you can listen to a selection of words that were recorded in the neighborhood in the framework of the project Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ? With (...)

Public Archive

A collection of games, video works, documents, objects and images that was compiled as a reference library for the GenderBlending worksession. Featuring the Diversity Kickertable, a modded kicker (...)

Public Domain Day 2015

The Public Domain Day is celebrating works of art which enter into the public domain because their copyrights have expired. These works can be freely enjoyed, used, changed, republished by (...)

Public Domain 2019 @ Nova

In the course of 1948, the lives of the authors Sergej Eisenstein, Louis Jean Lumière, Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire, Jacques Feyder, Cissy van Marxveldt and many others came to an end. Seventy years (...)


In a world where digital practices are omnipresent, everything is measurable, including the number of steps we make, the amount of water we drink daily or even one’s level of happiness. (...)

Routes + Routines @ PLACE@SPACE

Constant member Peter Westenberg created an installation in the art center Z33 and he’s organizing four walks through the center of Hasselt in the framework of the exhibition (...)

SICV (Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism)

The archive activists Michael Murtaugh, Nicolas Malevé and Ellef Prestsæter together present the installation The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism. During the opening, which will (...)


What happens when a talented team of illustrators, graphic designers and graffiti artists starts working with Open Source softwares like Gimp, Inkscape and FontForge? What if the experimental (...)

Wicked Technologies | Wild Fermentation

Wicked Technologies | Wild Fermentation is a project considering the ethics and aesthetics of fermentation in relation to artistic research. This project is developed by Sara Manente, a (...)

Softwearables – Do(n’t) stand so close to me part 2

Wearable installation How do we interact with each other – how do you deal with physical proximity? Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe will set up a playful exercise in the Constant workspace, (...)

Stitching Stories - reNUM - in Toulouse

The reNUM textile, sound and digital map, based on the stories from the Breil neighbourhood (Nantes) could be seen and listened to during this event. See: http://www.renum.net/leblog/?p=743 & (...)

Stitching Stories - reNUM

The association PiNG organises reNUM, an exhibition with collective electronic creations made by artists and a group of people of 60 years old and above, all inhabitants of the Breil area and/or (...)

Stitching Stories

a textile sound & digital cartography, based on interviews, between testimony and fiction


The SuPi8 is a digital camera ... but built inside a Super8 camera. More precisely, it is a digital sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi, stuck inside a 8mm or Super8 camera. From November 19 to (...)

Systemics 1 press articles

Diverse collection of press articles on the group exhibition Systemics #1: Certain Peculiar Things And Ideas, Often Failed (Or, On Humans, Machines And Running Algorithms) in Århus Kunstbygning, (...)

TRACKS & TRACES | Open Sound Lab

Tracks&Traces is an installation that displays the visual and sound archives gleaned during the workshops of computer generated music that took place in 2015 at the Cultural Centre Jacques (...)

TYPE.CODE: Books with an attitude

During one week Constant will show her books in the framework of the exhibition ’TYPE.CODE’ in La Maison du Livre in Saint-GIlles. These books are published by Constant, made with 100% Free and (...)

Terrain of Treshold Voices

The project La Langue Schaerbeekoise is included in the exhibition and performance project Dissident Desire #2: Terrain of Threshold Voices in District in Berlin. The exhibition and performance (...)

The Death of the Authors, 1943

In March the window of Constant will host the installation of The Death of the Authors, 1943. This chatbot opera features Fats Waller, Nicolas Tesla, Beatrix Potter and Sergei Rachmaninov; four (...)

The Death of the Authors - 1943 @ Brussels Poetry Fest

"The Death of the Authors - 1943, a botopera’ will be performed again in Wiels on Friday 11th September as the opening act of the Brussels Poetry Fest. The installation will be on show in Wiels (...)

The Death of the Authors, 1946: Xavan & Jaluka by Pléoter Spilliaestenberg

On Friday 17 Frifek of the year Zek, a qualifier Demolineutron reduces the Large Zone of Zendium the size of a vibratory pudding, which has dramatic consequences for the lovers Xavan and Jaluka. (...)

The Radiated Book preview

A sneak-preview of The Radiated Book, an experimental publication by the Mondothèque team, will be hosted in the window of Constant. In 1919 the Mundaneum occupied half of the majestic (...)

The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism

To round off the installation The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism we are glad to invite you to the première of the film Constant Vitrine directed by (...)

This obscure side of sweetness is waiting to blossom

For the first Constant_V of 2017, Pascale Barret installs a selection of artworks in the window of Constant: a catalogue and a rice wine experimentation developed during her last residency at (...)

Variable @ De Kriekelaar

Variable, the Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab in Schaerbeek, presents an exhibition in the foyer of De Kriekelaar from 12th June till 12th July. This exhibition is the closure of an (...)

View by Thread

View by Thread is an exhibition that looks at some of the key themes running through the practice of De Geuzen, with a.o. Femke Snelting, member of Constant. The exhibition explores the tactics (...)

Wonderwoman meets Horta

Plus-Tôt Te Laat occupies Constant’s window with various works printed in risograph, that are inspired by writers who died in 1947 and whose works are in the public domain in 2018. This (...)


Terre Thaemlitz + Laurence Rassel’s already legendary ’Laurence Rassel Show’ is included in this groupshow that gathers documents, art works and films which offer a plural view on borderline (...)

uHbench workshop

During a short performative workshop we’ll build an Urban Hacker Bench in front of Constant. The bench will serve nicely during the summertime, as a non-profit spot to chat, hang out, observe (...)