For the next three years Constant runs a F/LOSS Arts Lab in the rue Gallait straat 80. This modularly conceived workspace and its makers cordially invite you to come and have a look at what they (...)

Constant Verlag launch

On October 2, Constant launches Constant Verlag, a growing on-line repository, currently containing more than 60 texts on digital art and infrastructure. Some of those texts were already (...)

Fiction as a Compass

Stitch and Split situates itself here and now: the beginning of the 21st century, in Antwerp. We go out to discover the Antwerp opinions about the future. Also, what lessons can reality learn (...)

Happy New Year’s Bookdrink

This is a warm invitation to celebrate. Yes, we have an extra reason to start 2015 with bubbles! During the last edition of the meetingdays Verbindingen/Jonctions in December 2013 we invited a (...)

Happy Public Domain Day

An afternoon focussing on Public Domain works and the problems of institutional digitisation. As the event will be in French and Dutch, please read the full program there. A collaboration with (...)

LGM 2010: The Review

From May 27-30, more than 200 developers, designers and artists gathered in De Pianofabriek (Brussels) to discuss Free, Libre and Open Source Software for creative tools. Traveling from over 45 (...)


F/LAT will host the next Post-Variable-Loop (aka. LOOP) in their brand new space on Thursday 9th October 2014. Post-Variable-Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS (...)


F/LAT will host the next LOOP on Thursday 18th December 2014. LOOP is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS artists, taste their work or present own work, and engage in a (...)

OSP @ Open Design Week

5 members of the design-collective OSP travel to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to participate in Open Design Week. From 3-10 April they tour through the Mekong Delta to meet local F/LOSS fans (...)

OSP Public Meet

OSP (Open Source Publishing) is a graphic design collective that uses only Free, Libre and Open Source Software. At the first OSP Public Meet you are invited to finally discover 9000 km of (...)

On visual arts and (free) licenses.

With Hisk students, we delve into art history and look at image quotes, sampling, intertextuality. We will analyse a few cases on works of art and licenses.

Open source video production and distribution

Towards new modes of documentary creation: between shared practices, normalisation and diversification. During the ’professional meetings’ organised in the framework of the Cinema du Reel (...)

Open weekends

Every Saturday and Sunday you’re welcome to pop in and visit our Take Away Archive, the exhibitions of the other organisations, the bar, the space...us. Rue de la Senne/Zennestraat 17: Constant, (...)

Opening Zennestraat 17 rue de la Senne

Constant presents during the opening weekend of this temporarily shared space: Room 2 - Take Away Archive A retrospective of books, posters and flyers, published by Constant since 1997. A (...)

Bread in the pit (Pain dans la cage/Brood in de kuil)

A visit, a conversation and a multi-cultural bread tasting activity. The vocabulary discovered during this event will be recorded and added to the Schaarbeekse Taal Dictionary. If you want to (...)

Plankton Bar #40

The month of March and April 2011, Constant member Wendy Van Wynsberghe is doing a residency in Bains::Connective. For the second public moment of this residency, Plankton Bar #40 on the 29th of (...)

Presentation: Screenless Office

Brendan Howell, artist in residence from Berlin, will share his findings from a series of "Screenless Offiice" experiments. His intent is to produce an artistic operating system that does not (...)

Radio La Cage / Berenkuil

The first radioshow of Radio La Cage/Radio Berenkuil will be broadcasted by Radio Panik 105.4fm on 13-5 from 7pm till 7.30pm. This show is the result of a collaboration between Feza asbl and (...)

Safe(ty) words

Meeting, discussion & walk for women about (in)security in the public space around La Cage aux Ours/Verboeckhovenplein. In collaboration with Garance.

Samedies #29: Rendez-vous, socks etc.

The working day of the women collective Samedies will be organised with morning sessions around Sox (soundfiles in bash) and rdvz, the free software alternative to Doodle. After the lunch (...)

Samedies #36: Back-up

A meeting of the group of women & free software around the practice of backing-up data on a server.

Science Fiction as a Laboratory

Sciencefiction can be a laboratory for experiments imagining time, space, societal and affectionate relations between human beings. Through SF we can read the present as the past tense of the (...)

Science as Fiction

Sciencefiction permits us to approach science as an experimental playground. Can we consider tinkering with gender, race and lifeforms as a symbol for our own longings? Do we dare to accept the (...)

Speed cartography

When the arts labs (kunstenwerkplaatsen), Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne and BRXLBRAVO started cooperating on the Artslab² project, the multitude of artists in Brussels became a pivotal point, as (...)

Splinterfields 1/4: Default

The first encounter in the series of Splinterfields is organised by nadine, an artistic organisation that moves within constantly changing artistic practices through continuous questioning of (...)

Support de Fortune

How do supports of writing - a book or a single piece of paper, pencils, typewriters or internet pages - work on our thoughts? How do ‘chance supports’ (a train ticket, the back of an envelope, the (...)

The Kissing Protocol at the Domestic Science Workshop Recyclart

Kissing Protocol at the Domestic Science Workshop Recyclart Domestic Science Workshop is a temporary open craft studio at Recyclart where ’Recipes For Disaster’ are developed, tested and sold to (...)

The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation: A streaming book launch

Live from WTC25 and on-line at http://observatory.constantvzw.org/stream Door closes at 18:30. Broadcast: 19:00-20:30 The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation gathers methods from the (...)

V/J 11.2 Mapping me / mapping you

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)

Variable Loop

This Thursday Constant will host the first Variable Loop after moving out from Variable in July! Variable Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS artists, taste (...)