New media conceptualize space in terms of interhuman and concrete relationships. Their cartographic representation show how these different dimensions are linked to each other and tries to (...)

Active Archives: archiving starts now

How can taxonomies of various cultural institutions be brought into relation? How could we develop tools that map differences, variations and overlaps? In what way can we facilitate negotiations (...)

Artefact Symposium: Location Based Media

Constant member Peter Westenberg presents his project World Wide Westwijk; a semi-permanent mediative neighbourhood intervention and site specific collective video-workplace in Vlaardingen, (...)

Cartography as a common good

Cartography as a common good is a contribution by Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts (La Cambre) and Nicolas Malevé, member of Constant, to the book Human Cities, Celebrating Public Space, edited by (...)

Código fuente: la remezcla

The catalogue of the festival Zemos98 remixes the texts of the interventions of the different participants during ’Encuentros Regreso al futuro’. The book includes the presentation by Laurence (...)

Collaborative Online Video

A workshop Open Source Video exploring collaborative practices and tools.


For the next three years Constant runs a F/LOSS Arts Lab in the rue Gallait straat 80. This modularly conceived workspace and its makers cordially invite you to come and have a look at what they (...)

Digital Work

Digital Work was both a conference and a workshop organised by the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Constant was invited to join the workshop and Laurence Rassel gave a lecture in the panel (...)

From the kitchen to the workshop and into the lab

What would be a space that welcomes use and abuse, one that thrives on appropriation? How to make time and place for research, with life in the middle? What kind of interfaces could support (...)

Hard working idlers @ Dominokingdom

Constant member An Mertens is invited by architect Miriam Rohde and performer Adva Zakai @ Dominokingdom to talk about collaborative narrative practices within Constant during a workshop on ’Real (...)

Machine Research

Aarhus University and Transmediale organise a workshop on Machine Research, hosted by Constant in Brussels. The workshop aims to engage research and artistic practice that takes into account the (...)


An Mertens and Sarah Garcin will take part in .ORG, a 5 days / 5 nights residency of a collective work time that has been proposed to 50 persons, with discussions, creations, writing, (...)

Open Call: Tools for a Read-Write world

Medialab-Prado and The Libre Graphics Research Unit are seeking for projects to be collaboratively developed during a two-weeks workshop to be held in Madrid, 15-27 April, 2013. We are interested (...)

Pure Data Patching Circle @ Variable #03

During this session, upon request of some participants, we’ll have a look at the different options available toward video treatment, for loop playing/mixing as well as video effects, with the (...)

Pure Data Patching Circles

The Pure Data patching circles are free open workshops organized monthly to gather, share, learn and enjoy around the Pure Data software in a creative way. Aimed at artists and coders as well as (...)


Read*Write*Execute* Un proyecto de en colaboracion con Constant Read*Write*Execute*, numero 2 de la revista & foro de, plantea un analisis de la web como (...)

Routes + Routines

Routes + Routines is a series of city walks; surprise visits to unexpected corners of Brussels. The project tests out various methods for diverting and changing routines, and as a result your (...)

Samedies #18: Running projects

Workgroups svn & mysql, dealing with dns & nameserver. And as usual: collective problemsolving, lunch & closure

Samedies #19: Mysql, Trac & toolkit

Workgroups MySQL & TRAC Brainstorm on future interventions at IF3 Brainstorming for the "toolkit" : how to react to sexist clichés Brainstorming on closing samedies in (...)

Samedies #20: Hosting cms eo

Host projects: wikis, spip, mediawiki, dokuwiki, wordpress and other.

Samedies #21: Mysql & back-up

Repair MySQL study manuals for backup

Samedies #23: Starhawk & feminist plays

Last Samedie of the season: 14h - 17h : Workshop with Anouk Adel on collective practises by Starhawk: English - reservation required 17h-19h : presentations by An Mertens (Français: Quand Donna, (...)

Samedies #27: My preferred script

The collective of women & free software will meet up again for a day of code, discussion, server management, exchange of ideas & experiences and writing & translating articles. (...)

Spiderwomen 3: Wiki workshop

Constant member An Mertens and 2 other members of Samedies (Agnes Bewer, Juliane de Moerloze) organise a workshop about wikis at Amazone, resource centre for equality between women and men. (...)


Splinter Fields is an initiative of Brussels based organizations active within the fields of technological and media arts (Constant, FoAM, nadine and OKNO) to foster collaborative, agile and (...)

Stitching Stories - reNUM

The association PiNG organises reNUM, an exhibition with collective electronic creations made by artists and a group of people of 60 years old and above, all inhabitants of the Breil area and/or (...)

The Death of the Authors - 1943 @ Brussels Poetry Fest

"The Death of the Authors - 1943, a botopera’ will be performed again in Wiels on Friday 11th September as the opening act of the Brussels Poetry Fest. The installation will be on show in Wiels (...)

The Radiated Archive, YouTube, Pirate Bay and other popular online platforms bring up questions about authorship, distribution and production. Rits, the Brussels’ school for audiovisual studies, invited (...)


Towards is a collection of subjective cartographic representations of Brussels connected to the creation of a collaborative tool for subjective cartography.

Transmedia - Workshop 2003

Workshop - seminar on the notion of empowerment, in the framework of the postgraduate in art-media-design in Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels

Transmedia - Workshop

Workshop-seminar about the strategies and realities of autonomous digital platforms.

Urban Act

What is a collective platform and how can it operate? This is the central question of the book, Urban Act, produced by Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée, (...)

V/J 11.2 Mapping me / mapping you

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. (...)

VJ8 news

The news blog to the festival Verbindingen / Jonctions 8

WYH is WYG - 2001

Program for a French media festival made of workshops, concerts, information on free licences, radio installation,...


In collaboration with Medialab Prado Constant organises the worksession ’Objects in Common’ as the final event in a series that started in 2015 with ’Funcionamientos: Objects in Common and Diverse (...)

Adashboard (for fiction)

In a predigital area An Mertens would have been the type of author struggling with small cards in large drawers, trying to keep everything categorized alphabetically and with a 100 different (...)

Object Score Notation/Kaleidoscope@Make Art

Simon Yuill & Dorothé Depeauw will present the collaborative way of working of Object Score Notation in Kaleidoscope at Make Art, the international festival of free art and technologies in (...)